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    Shifty intro (aka Kozy)

    G'day mate's,

    Well My name is Shifty , am 18 Years old and Dutch. Am a part of OAS][ in AA2. Am playing this game very long. made some experience in it. I know Things about PunkBuster in America's Army. i am looking into CVAR violations at the moment. I am learning it a bit. I know alot of glitches in aa. I dont use them. I protect people who are seen as a hacker when it is not proved he is. I help people with America's Army. I teach people how to do BG checks. and help ppl with admin problems. I work as a beginning commerical sales manager and I am part of the coast guard rescue organisation KNRM in holland. I have seen Fire@Enemy in here. I think it is the only guy i know.
    I hope that i can be a part of this organisation. I want to make it a lil bit stronger in AA2 thing. I once played bfbc2 maybe i do something with it later.

    If u have questions please ask


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    Re: Shifty intro

    do you play cod4, if you do i would inite you to join my server some times.

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    Re: Shifty intro


    Do u guys use TS ore ventrilo

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    Re: Shifty intro

    hey Shifty welcome to the site.

    AsicsKoki I just uninstalled COD4 to make room for a couple other large file games, but may put it back. If I do I'll certainly stop by.

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    Re: Shifty intro

    lol yeah shifty you know me lol.

    I play cod4 once and awhile

    Welcome btw.
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