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    Games that are pushing beyond limits...

    What new innovations are we being introduced to NOW? Take note, because in about a year or so you'll take them for granted. Or you'll give the innovation some lip service like saying "yeah it's technically cool, but..." without really standing back an appreciating what the developers have accomplished.

    Most of us know about the following games, but if you want to post about them please do:
    Crysis Series, COD4, MW2, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and the upcoming new games like MOHAA, and COD: BlackOps.

    I'm going to try to focus on games titles we might not know about to see what they're up to.

    Now lets look at a few other titles to see what they're up to and how they're pushing the limitations of gaming.

    1) Mafia 2 (warming: Mature, foul language, etc.)
    I picked this example because of 2 things,
    1-the detailed urban environment
    2-scale of the environment,
    3-all the civilian activity.
    4-feeling of being in the 1930's, 40's and 50's.

    Think about our typical fps games and they generally lack quantities of civilians or rich and massive urban environments (inside and out).

    -1-3rd person view,
    -2-game apparently isn't that good with a host of user complaints,
    -3-lousy control of character (because of 3rd person-running into walls) and vehicles hard to control.

    This video is rated G:
    Mafia 2 gameplay: Empire Bay HD (

    What to look for:
    -exhaust pipe
    -car horns when your car gets too close
    -patches on roads
    -detail of buildings in 3d
    -shadows and lighting
    -i notice a lot of streets are shorter, presumably to make you turn so that the vista always looks full of buildings.

    -streets and curbs look natural and 'rounded', with hills, curved ramps, etc.
    -signal lights work and actually mean something, stopping traffic.
    -even the concrete barriers, fences, light poles, etc. all look great.

    Red Dead Redemption and that other western game (forgot the title:

    1-use of animals for transportation,
    2-large open world detailed environments,
    3- set in a western time frame done effectively,
    4-character development.

    -1-3rd person,
    -2-I think for xbox only, or ps3, whatever...

    Red Dead Redemption: World in Motion Timelapse [HD]


    Far Cry 2, ?

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    Re: Games that are pushing beyond limits...

    Red Dead is really a game I would try.But its console only. Trouble is, most games that are moving to the future are being phased out of the PC group. The money is in consoles.

    I myself would never play online on a console machine unless its a football game, not a FPS.

    MOH is great, I played it in beta stage. On a bad note, COD Black ops is only offered on gameservers, they own the exclusive rights. So we cannot host the game on our own dedicated box. Looks like the future is moving to this so they can get more revenue.

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    Re: Games that are pushing beyond limits...

    Red Dead looks great but it's 3rd person which i really hate. Some ppl love it tho.
    I wonder if OnLive has RedDead.

    kind of why i'd like to make a PC exclusive game made by PC users, be our own developers

    yep, that's crazy taking

    but sort of why I create this and other threads to outline what is really important... gotta know what you need to do, then get the right people to do it. Of course having a million would help, but then you get back to doing only consoles to recover your investment.

    it'd be fun to create a game where there were real consequence for stupid behavior, like say the gamer comes across a shop that says 'Cheats!' so they go in and the store clerk says, "okay, go back to your apartment, get your computer and carry it here". Of course the gamer does this, and lugs the thing taking up a bit of time. He gets to the shop and the store clerk smashing his computer with a bat, and others grab the gamer and throw him out of the store.
    Now that would be funny.

    Or say the gamer approaches a young lady and 'stares', the lady says 'hey mister, give me my space' like they do in Mafia 2. In the background you hear someone shout "Edith, your man's acting stupid again," and then you see your hag of a wife gamer 'companion' run up to you and drag you off by the ear with everyone standing around laughing, lol.

    Yep, i think gaming has a lot more potential.

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