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Thread: Honor Calvary

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    Honor Calvary

    Hi all , havent been real active here but I promise to do so more often. Been busy with real life, working on a new venture with another clan and some beta testing. Check out our website.

    We offer BFBC2/CODWAW/COD4 On a brand new dedi server . Dual quads 12gig ddr3 ram/ 500gb sata2 hd / 100mbps switchport (dedicated and not shared)

    We are recruiting 18+ mature members who simply like to hang out with friends.


    Creed/aka Hillbilly-Deluxe (BFBC2)

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    Re: Honor Calvary

    i really like that type of website, music enabled, full screen capabilities and flash content including music, vids, news, etc.

    Congrats, looks fantastic.

    all signed up, best of luck w/ HC

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    Re: Honor Calvary

    Registration set.

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    Re: Honor Calvary

    Our super fast server can be found in the browser by typing HONOR in the search bar. Make sure pb and ranked are ticked. All 4 should show up.

    We put the server in NY so that the people in Europe will have a great gaming experience as well. I actually have friends in Holland who get a 120 ping on our server.

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    Re: Honor Calvary

    New servers up!!



    HC Mixed Rush/Conquest

    HC Rush

    HC Squad DM




    All maps and modes

    Combat mission

    Objective Raid

    Sector control

    Team Assault

    Dedicated server located in New York

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