THQ is proud to announce that a free Homefront® Multiplayer Demo is now available for download via Steam for Windows PC!

Containing two maps and two game modes, the Demo allows players to rank up to level 10 and sample a wide variety of weapons, drones, vehicles and abilities and offers a great overview of Homefront’s unique brand of large-scale warfare.

Get your taste of Homefront warfare and take advantage of an exclusive offer, 50% off Homefront®PC this entire weekend via direct download on Steam! Offer ends June 27th, 2011.

The Homefront® Multiplayer demo, which was released first on Xbox 360, has already been a huge success with record downloads for a post-release demo and includes major fixes that have also been introduced into the full game.

Prepare to jump into battle and get a taste of large-scale warfare in an all new way. Enjoy the Demo and get half off on your own full copy of Homefront PC today!

Home is where the war is,
The Homefront Team