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    -ROS- Rejects of Society

    Rejects of Society


    Hello to all!!! I am clan founder and CL Freak. We are mostly a MOHAA Clan with a few of us playing BF2. We have a dedicated server with a few MOHAA servers on it along with TS2!!! We are currently recruiting any player older than 16 years old!!! You can visit our website at or you can add me on XFIRE at dean3625!!! See you on the killing fields.


    These rules apply in the servers. For each rule you will receive a warning and if you persist you will be kicked and possibly banned.

    1. No Hacking!

    2. No Spamming of the voice taunts or the typed chat!!!

    3. No swearing, racist, sexist, or overall rude/crude remarks!!!

    4. Disrespect of any player in our servers will not be tolerated!!!

    5. Do not accuse anyone of hacking whether it is a clan member or not. Ask an admin to spec and we will deal with them.

    6. Camping is a part of the game but do not take it to extreme!!!

    7. Glitching is also a part of the game and is allowed in our servers. If you don't like it then find another server to play on.

    8. Whiners and cry babies will be kicked immediately!!!

    9. Recruiting for any clan other than RoS will result in not only you getting banned but your Clan Tags as well!!!

    Please follow these rules so that everyone can enjoy the games!!!

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    Re: -ROS- Rejects of Society

    Thanks for posting wtfreak.

    As you can see I've added a few things to your post. Can you tell me your clan tags (especially for the topic title) so I can get them right? Also could you list your server IP addresses? (I'll get the forum banners for you from GameTracker, unless you have them already).

    Thanks again, hope the extra info is good, if not let me know what needs to change.

    Be sure to select 'Notify me of replies' in the Additional Options so if anyone has a question you'll get it, if not already done.


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