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    z-QUESTION: rcon blocker programs

    I own a cod3 server, with no punkbusters(due to many problems), and i notice an incrise in anti-ban programs. Hackers have started using antiban programs that rotates client numbers, changes nickknames 421231399.312,222dd321 times in a second, or COMPLETELY BLOCKS RCON.

    I have some solutions on how to deal with this. All these programs and mesures have a downfall.

    1. name changing-changes names of the cheater, copying other peoples names, you cannot /rcon kick couse the name changes to fast. the best thing to do is(if you dont have a rcon program on your machine(using a gameroom or a internet caffe)) type /serverstatus and remember the two same nicknames, than retype serverstatus and see witch one has changed, do this again t confirm. when you read the client of the namechanger do /rcon banclient "n". If you play from home and have a rcon program, refresh the list and see witch name has changed, repet the action untill you can confirm the cheater. ban him with ban option or w/e your rcon tool has.

    2. rotateing client numbers-it has happend to me 10000 times, i want to ban by client number and i ban the wrong person couse the number has changed, or it says client 3 is not active. ban these users by nicknames, if it doesent do (exemple) /rcon kick justin bieber, try /rcon banuser justin bieber. be aware that number changes will not be shown in /serverstatus(i dont know why). the funny thing is, i have never encounterd namechanging and clientchanging at the same time, maybe cheaters are dumb to do this or no pc can do both at the same time. but if this is to happen, the best way is to get yourself a rcon tool, refresh list and ban the namechanger/clientchanger by guid on banguid option(i have this option on rconmax 11.1en).

    3.RCON blockers-This is the ULTIMATE cheating tool. When it is active admins cant use rcon tool, change maps, kick/ban, /rcon say(for console msg), nothing can be done. I have a way to ban these people. The way that the program works, it overflows the server with commands, you have to do the same, if you type /rcon kick justin bieber, and nothing happens, type it again(use the up arrow to repete the command). this must be done via in-game console, rcon tools DO NOT WORK. after 30 sec of repeting /rcon kick justin bieber it will say player kicked. /serverstatus WORKS, read his clientnumber and type /rcon banclient 5 and repete same and after 30 sec it works. the bad thing is you have no way of finding the blocker, and(i think) it keeps working after you kick the cheater. but if you repete commands, everything works.

    this is what those without pb go trough everyday. i am not informed, but if there are anty rcon programs there must be a anti-punkbuster program.

    hope this is helpfull, cheers.
    please leave comments and fill in if i have left something out.

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    Re: rcon blocker programs

    This is why PB plays a big part in stopping these types of players as you can just IP ban them or guid ban them unless they are changing their guids aswell then it doesn't matter how many name or slot changes they do !.

    If i was you, & you ise this Caffe a lot i would ask the manager to set up the firewall & ports for PB you will see a drop in cheats on your server as most that have been caught will go on to playing in non PB servers E.G: Yours !.

    These are my views & not necessarily the views of Hack Hunters

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    Re: rcon blocker programs

    the gameroom menager is a peasent. he is a paranoyd serb nationalist with aversion of everything western(yea, he owns a gameroom and hosts wcg twice(for money(yea, defenatly a serb))). i tryd to ask him to let me set-up pb and firewall, or get someone else to do it, but he says no.
    i can allways go to other playrooms, but this is the best one when it comes to pc's games and atmosphere. im gonna get a pc soon and i will set up pb, i will have to.

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    Re: rcon blocker programs

    Sounds like the only way you will get a semi decent game AsicsKoki if the owner of that cafe is like that buddy it's in his interest to set the games up right try saying that to him !!. & if he likes the ££$$ try saying he will get more gamers in if he is known for a decent set up with no issues you never know it might work LOL.

    But sounds like you will have to save up and get yourself a rig buddy you can get them cheap enough these days fella on eBay if you know what to look for if you need any help when the time comes in chosing / building a PC just let us know.

    These are my views & not necessarily the views of Hack Hunters

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    Re: rcon blocker programs

    ebay doesent work at somalia, montenegro, paraguay, ghana,... and serbia. i am getting a pc soon i hope.

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