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    SITREP - Americas Army 3.07 Patch

    America’s Army Version 3.0.7 Release Notes


    We added a new version of Alley in addition to keeping the original version of Alley. The new version of Alley is a foggy daylight version which we feel changes the game play quite a bit. Note that while this new Alley map’s layout is the same as the original Alley, we anticipate future AA3 updates will include completely new maps as well as different times of day and weather of existing maps.

    Deploy Client integration of Buddy Lists, displaying who's online, indication of buddies on servers, and ability to launch game servers.



    We have reactivated the Training Missions. All Training Achievement Points as well as all Honor and non-training related experience points will remain intact. Players who have less than 50 Achievement Points, will receive up to an additional 25 AP, to allow access to the first AIT training levels once Basic Combat training is complete. All non-training related awards and badges will remain intact.


    We have lowered the default maximum number of players to 18 players. We are aware that on some server setups 26 players works fine. We will continue to look to improve the server performance to try and allow all servers to run 26 players, but recognize that with 3.0.7 most servers run well up until around 18 players join the server. Server providers may still modify the “MaxPlayers” value back up to 26 if their hardware supports it, but we recommend for most leaving it at the default of 18. We have also modified the default settings to open all weapon slots regardless as to how many players are in the server so the SDM role will be available despite not having two full Fire teams due to the maximum player restriction. Server operators may enable the normal restrictions if their server supports more players.

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    Re: SITREP - Americas Army 3.07 Patch



    * Fix to eliminate issue where player’s view became stuck in the zoomed-in mode when player was incapacitated while looking through Scope.
    * Squad leader is no longer considered for 'promotion' to fireteam leader if a fireteam leader dies.
    * Fireteams being locked out because players leave the server will not disable occupied positions.
    * Disabled lockouts for mid-match role changes. You can now select roles that were not originally selected at the start of the match.
    * Corrected issue when securing enemy after enemy is killed with melee, the damage type is reported incorrectly.
    * VIP Select Role has M4A1 weapon bug fixed.
    * M320 fires 40mm grenades with rifle rounds issue fixed.
    * M320 grenades now break glass windows.
    * Fixed reload issue caused by cancelling mid-reload.
    * Corrected end of match handling so that round time is no longer considered for incrementing matches played.
    * Fixes “wounded by” tracking to reset at end of each round so players who kill themselves in the next round don't give the original instigator credit for a kill.
    * Role-selection no longer disabled during game and deployment phases. Role for the next round may be chosen during the current round.
    * Player can now modify loadout options while match is in progress.
    * Fixed issue where ambient sound effects were turned off after modification of detail settings.
    * Objective progress bar will return to the screen after displaying scoreboard or other panels.
    * Soldiers will no longer be able to take activated objectives while performing such actions as shooting, reloading, changing weapons, or readying sights.
    * Tracing for enemy spotted commo now ignores windows, allowing you to 'spot' an enemy that you can see through windows.
    * Fixed misnamed mission selection for Range map. Demolition selection is actually Assault (activated objective).
    * Enabled and enhanced weapon guard use for multiplayer.
    * Fixed a bug causing the rotation of doors to possibly become out of synch between the client and server when a client joins a server that had previously completed a round.
    * Updated all mission sublevels so that the SDM or other specialized role in Charlie team is now in the 2nd slot.
    * Fixed a bug that allowed you to fire bullets while adjusting the M320 rangefinder.
    * Fix for bug where bullet shell emitters will hang midair when colliding with damage volumes.
    * Change to default time-out for MBS to 1000ms.
    * Fix for One Man Army being awarded without player playing at least six rounds in a match.
    * Fix for tapping out players not having their "playtime" statistics being recorded.
    * Corrects reporting of OnlineTime statistics when player leaves mid-round so current round's time isn't lost.
    * Update to disallow shooting weapon while falling.
    * Fix to issue where user starts a reload, sprints before reload finishes, then weapon shows reloaded but unable to fire.
    * Players can no longer start a reload while their weapon is in the guard state.
    * Leaning while prone is no longer allowed.
    * Changes to weapon guard for crouch and prone states to avoid some gameplay issues (such as shooting straight down from ledges).
    * Added round discard ability for tournaments.
    * Fixed inability to reload after a cancelled reload of M249.
    * Player can no longer interact with doors while reloading a weapon.
    * Fixed the bug that was causing the reload animation to play even after interrupted by sprinting.
    * Disabled the ability to shoot while going to or from prone position. Going to or from prone will also now lower your weapon if it was previously sighted.
    * Changed fall damage to calculate based on distance fallen by predicting the velocity the pawn should have reached falling from a distance.
    * Fixed Magazine Count Increases after Reloading From Spawn issue fixed.
    * Fixed Player able to obtain 11 points for healing pawn.
    * Added default keybinds for home and end to operate the 'thank you' and 'sorry' voice commos.
    * Locked out role selection once role selection and battle planner time expire. During the default 10 second prep time no role changes can be made, though loadouts can still be changed.
    * Fixed AA_Damage volumes to respect grenade impact damage.
    * Fixed to more than 1 VIP spawning. Prevent multiple VIPs from auto-assigning.
    * Fixed issue with retracted rifle when breathing fov zoom occurred after the weapon is unscoped.
    * Fixed direct sprint from prone not working and putting weapon in safe mode.
    * Czervanian ladder eats man alive bug fixed.
    * Tactical toggle on ladder moves pawn’s hands to weapon.
    * Corrected issue where doors will push back when the player bumps into them. Also made changes to the timeframe in which players could not close a door after it had opened to its extent.
    * Fix to remove invalid bridge mission selection.
    * Player’s pawn will no longer be left in transition mode when putting down the M320 while the rangefinder is still up.
    * Fix to the sound cues for "Report In" and "Report Location.”
    * The M320 rangefinder will now remember if it has been left up, after the player swaps to another weapon and then comes back.
    * Vault/Mantle calls when right next to an object will now replicate to the server, properly starting the VM sequence.
    * Changed Vault/Mantle so that it does not get stuck in a moving state where the player would be locked into trying to reach a point that is not reachable.
    * Vault mantle obstacle height trace will try again from a slightly different position if it fails. This specifically fixes vaulting onto the park bench static mesh (which has gaps), but may potentially fix any situation in which we need to vault onto a mesh with gaps.
    * Materials modified to adjust emissive boost so levels light better.
    * Headshots now track properly for Consummate Professional achievement when the SDM has been promoted to squad leader.
    * Added messaging when player cannot lean and corrects calculation error that improperly prevented leaning when walls were close.
    * Optimizations to statistics handling to move more of it to native code to speed things up. Adds in new player left training statistics to better track how long players are in training.
    * Enemy spotted now reports comm volume location names.
    * ATS rule corrections fixes tracking of alley matches played and adjusts bridge matches played tracking to attempt to correct both.
    * Corrects achievement data tracking to prevent false reports of either earning an achievement multiple times in a single session or not being told they've achieved an achievement due to the counters resetting on the server.
    * Reduced HUD display and Trigger distance for vault/mantle use by about 35%. This addresses many complaints about VM display before the player is near the intended mantle object.
    * Map votes can no longer be cast over and over for same vote.
    * Fix to prevent FOV from shifting after incapacitation.
    * Player can no longer reload while cycling fire modes.


    * Updated ALL AAR panels with new panel design.
    * Distinguished Grenadier now showing progress in Achievements UI.
    * Adds Current Round ("x/6 or" "OVERTIME") to HUD directly left of time remaining. Also displays whether this is a "non-scoring round" for discarded rounds.
    * Fixed issue where after completion of training, the enlistment and graduation cinematic remain locked on the Common training media screen.
    * MOS Training modified to remove the lock icon to merely indicate that new training is available.
    * Spotless Record Achievement Coin issue fixed.
    * Modified UpdateAdvancement to check for any changes made to the current soldier's statistics. If there is a change, the statistics will update. This allows for updating statistics in-game after training and online play without needing to log back in.
    * Pausing the game will now pause a full screen BINK movie that is playing. Similarly, unpausing the game will unpause the movie fixing desync issues.
    * Fix for soldier overview while updating enemy neutralized match record.
    * VIP missions not reporting results in AAR correctly.
    * Added notification to console when teams are about to change sides.
    * Voting panel will now grey out the option for map voting when it is disabled on the server. Rolling over the button will now reveal text explaining that the option is disabled on the server.
    * AA_Main_Soldier_Overview updated to display properly for new soldiers.
    * Fixes situation where command line connection information is provided, player joins server, then disconnects, logs off and then logs in again and is automatically connected to server from command line.
    * Adds in a "connecting" dialog when connecting via command line just like browser uses.
    * Fixed glitch in server browser with history and favorites tab.
    * Fix for battleplanner map floating around and losing its rightful place.
    * Changes to UI to show proper text when player cheated in Medic training.
    * Fixed misleading ServerAddBlockedPlayer messages.
    * Fixed issue where badges appear incorrectly in the AAR.
    * Added text for Loyalty in the Game Help menu.
    * ATS rule updated to correct display of Security Specialist achievement.
    * Support for new Soldier Overview UI functions to query the minimum XP required for any specific level.
    * Changes have been made to end of round AAR and scoreboard timing. Added configuration flag that determines how long the end of round AAR displays, that determines time shown only for the scoreboard instead of the total AAR + scoreboard time allowed. The defaults are set to 5 seconds in the spirit of speeding up game turnaround time.
    * Prevent graphic quality settings from overwriting other graphic related ini values. Will allow players to fine tune their performance settings a bit more within ini than the UI allows for and still be able to use the UI without resetting those changes.
    * Fix to allow favorites to be removed from server list.
    * Progress for Take And Hold not displaying in Achievements UI (was trying to display completed TAH rounds, not TAH objectives completed count).
    * Fixes to TAH objective completion tracking and Security Specialist achievement.
    * Added "OVERVIEW" link in the Go Army > Careers pane.
    * RND removed from UI single player training missions.
    * Combat Infantryman medal shows localization tag instead of localized text in soldier overview.
    * Issue where suppressive results not tracking/awarding correctly fixed. Fixes UI achievements so progress is displayed and addresses issue related to determining when suppressive result progress should be incremented.
    * Redesigned the end-of-round panel to provide a graphical description of the current match to augment the textual description. Moved achievements to the disappearing sidebar to free up space.
    * Win/loss percentage statistics display in UI corrected.
    * Removed unused radial menus.

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    Re: SITREP - Americas Army 3.07 Patch


    AIT Rifleman Tier 1

    * Timer now waits until the first buzz before it starts counting.
    * Drill Sergeant instructs non-existent soldiers to enter lanes issue fixed.

    AIT Grenadier Tier 1

    * Corrects scoring so it matches what was actually implemented as far as max points go.
    * Fix to allow completion of AIT Grenade training even though player misses both times with the smoke rounds.
    * Fixed grenadier AIT Tier 1 so score tracking is handled uniquely and as a result now correctly handles missed targets on any phase of the qualification (and the resulting AAR now correctly shows the hits/misses for each phase).
    * Pawn Stuck to Sandbags and Cannot Complete Training issue fixed.
    * No Visual or Audio Prompt that training is completed issue fixed.


    * SPORTS is reported without malfunction issue fixed.[./list]CLS
    o Removed the timer from the HUD display during the training.
    o Bink demonstration movies started in the level can now be paused and unpaused fixing desync issues.
    o Fix to OPFOR target confirmation bug.
    o Added a blocking volume to side storage area fence.
    o Fix added to MOUT training allowing targets to be spotted on SAI/HUD.
    o Enemy should now be confirmable. Looks like there are 2 checkboxes and I missed one.
    Adjusted collision on barbed wire asset to allow them to be scaled non-uniformly.
    o Tweaked the tooltip that shows the 'how to confirm enemy' to display longer.
    Obstacle Course
    o Added display for user friendly message for stand after combat slide/dive blocked.
    o Turned off collision on obstacle to help with the vault/mantle problem.
    o Fix for issue with unlocking training UI button after completion and returning to main menu.
    o Revisited blocking volumes to optimize level.
    o Enabled collision on the wood cover mesh.
    SDM Training
    o Repaired next rank display for SDM training AAR.
    o Fixed the Green arrow not appearing in SDM1 (seemed to be working in PIE but not game) should work overall now.
    o Added some warnings to keep your firing in your lane. Adjusted the volume on the range tower, so you actually have to hit the top of the tower to get punished.
    Weapons Familiarization
    * Player should no longer get stuck to sandbags during the 2nd phase of grenadier training.
    * Added an audio cue when you finish the training.
    * The buzzer should sound now before the targets appear at the start of a training round.
    * No longer have an extra explosive round.
    * Now have infinite flashbangs while practicing for the grenade range.
    * Practice targets should be locked out during qualification now.

    Map Updates/Bug Fixes


    * Rotated several spawn points in Take and Hold mission to point in the right direction.
    * Adjusted and added comm volumes. Fixed several bugs with comm volumes, phys materials and collision.
    * Turned on collision on some of the wood pieces on the scaffolding and adjusted depth bias on the poster decals that were z fighting after bullet decals were applied.
    * Fixed an area that the player could see through the floor.
    * Adjusted door frame scale on door near market.
    * Added some vault mantle volumes to balcony that players can access.
    * Made some adjustments to the blocking volumes to prevent players from seeing thru the floor.
    * Fixed a blocking volume that was preventing players from moving thru the cafe.
    * Adjusted meshes along one of the buildings.
    * Added doorknobs to the doors in the hotel.
    * Fixed several vault/mantle bugs, lighting on decal meshes, and collision.
    * Converted all of the BSP stairs to static mesh with ramped collision to help with collision issues when running up stairs close to a wall.
    * Added some vault/mantle volumes in front of Buckets.
    * Added some meshes down by the stairs that should make it harder to get wedged up under the floor.
    * Also made some tweaks to the stairs.
    * Adjusted the collision on the dumpsters.
    * Adjusted the window above the convenience store so you can't prone into it anymore. Adjusted the light map size on one of the walls to help with a lighting bug, and replaced a missing texture.
    * Adjusted the construction debris slightly to fix a problem with the step-up height.


    * Added an additional kill volume near the north east stairs.
    * Fixed some vault mantle bugs and added a blocking volume to the extraction tunnel to fix map exploit.
    * Changed collision on the plank to only block weapons. Pawn shouldn't get stuck anymore.
    * Fixes sticky issues with the stairs, also fixed a small terrain popping over bsp error.
    * Adjusted the blocking volume on the foliage so player shouldn't get stuck as easily.
    * Modified vault/mantle volumes around the tank.
    * Various collision updates added.


    * Adjusted vault/mantle volumes and added various collision updates to Impact in several locations.
    * Various visual fixes added.
    * Swapped a material on some of the railings that was dark and not lighting properly.
    * Added some rock meshes to keep the player from being able to see through the building. Also added some blocking volumes around the map to try to keep people from escaping the map.
    * Adjusted the foliage draw distances so it no longer disappears/re-appears oddly.
    * Added some rock meshes to keep the player from being able to see through the building.
    * Added a fix for the bullet penetration on the walls near the southern activated objectives, so that shooting into the lower section of the walls blocks bullets.
    * Removed the collision from an awning, and added blocking volumes so you don't get stuck on the lip above one of the walkways now.
    * Tweaks added for grass to minimize popping in and out of grass.
    * Moved the window and a few others up against the buildings.
    * Tweaked the lights a bit to soften the shadows.
    * Adjusted the stairway endcap so it doesn't look as funny, and tweaked the bsp that make up the walls of the center objective building so that decals render properly on them.
    * Updates to stair collision to reduce player from getting stuck.


    * Various collision volume updates and removed some unneeded geometry.
    * Updated the stop sign material so that it was not using the old language.
    Fixed several spawn directions on TAH sub levels.
    * Updates to stair collision to reduce player from getting stuck.
    * Adjusted the location of the barrels/laptops near the Stryker so they aren't floating anymore. And moved a concrete barrier so you can no longer use climb on the Stryker.
    * Adjusted the spawnpoints on pipeline classic so no more unable to load weapon bugs.
    * Adjusted the collision on the barbed wire fences so player should now fall off them.
    * Added some meshes to the top of the break in the fence.
    * Added some volumes above the pipes so you can't fall onto them anymore.
    * Moved the grass back a few units so it doesn't peak through the shipping container anymore.
    * Moved a steam jet so it doesn't ooze out of the floor anymore.
    * Enabled collision on all the fences on the ground to fix the hit sound issue with them.
    * Added VIP mission to the default server map rotation to fix bug where map vote for VIP would end up changing to a Ranch match.
    * Removed the strafing from the huge ladder from the basement to the roof, this should keep you from getting stuck on one of the pipes as you climb up.


    * Adjusted comm volume near the house that was being read down in the basement area.
    * Added blocking volume around the outer fence area to keep players from getting outside the player area.
    * Fixed some floating grass.
    * Made some adjustments to cull distance for several objects.
    * Added some more blocking volumes on bridge pieces.
    * Comm volumes have been adjusted and spellings corrected.
    * Updates to stair collision to reduce player from getting stuck.
    * Adjusted the blocking volume under the edge of the wall so player cannot peak through anymore.
    * Added a blocking volume on the 2nd story door at the barn.
    * Added a rock next to the bridge so you have something to stand on, should be harder to get stuck now.
    * Added some vault/mantle volumes to the vineyard.
    * Lighting adjusted on a small patch of porch roof.

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