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    The Cheat Police ALERT: Impersonators BEWARE

    Hey all! First thing, I want to introduce myself. I am [CP]UXO[VS]. I am the owner and NEW Chief of Police at The Cheat Police

    Next, I have received a couple of complaints about a player going into MOH:AA servers CLAIMING to be from The Cheat Police. This player is being rude, abusive, ignorant, and a general pain in the ***.

    I assure you ALL, this player is NOT associated with The Cheat Police in any way shape or form.

    He is trying to use the tag of either (CP) or [CP]

    I ask you ALL to block any version of that tag from your servers and ban this player as well. My Officers and Staff are do NOT wear this tag when they check or play in servers. And due to copyright and trademark laws, only 5 people on my staff are authorized to use the CP tag.

    A SIDE NOTE FOR THOSE USING PUNKBUSTER AND TAG PROTECTION SCRIPTS: If you UPDATE your tag protection scripts regularly, you need not worry about his. The [CP] tag IS protected and ONLY Officers of The Cheat Police know the details for this tag.

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    Re: The Cheat Police ALERT: Impersonators BEWARE

    Thanks UXO for the update. I would imagine everyone would see right through that, hopefully.

    Keep an eye out for anyone on xFire trying to impersonate anyone from any Anti Cheat Community. All us real ACO's understand not to send links, ask for passwords through xFire or ask for any personal info. So if someone does, block them immediately to avoid being caught up in something.

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    Re: The Cheat Police ALERT: Impersonators BEWARE

    This impostor is still out there. I recall seeing a well known MOHAA player sporting CP tags in our server just a month or so ago. I can't remember who exactly it was, I'll ask some of my guys who were present, maybe they can remember something.

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