I'm not totally sure about this info and what it means, but maybe someone who knows ArmA2 well can explain why so many different server lists.


HLSW www.hlsw.org or www.hlsw.net (game server browser, admin tool)

HLSW one very popular and known game server browser software has added offcial support for ARMA 2

HLSW features : http://hlsw.org/hlsw/features/
HLSW supported games http://hlsw.org/hlsw/supported_games/

HLSW wiki : http://wiki.hlsw.net/index.php/Main_Page

Plugins SDK is LGPLv3 : http://wiki.hlsw.net/index.php/HLSW_Plugins
LUA Plugins : http://wiki.hlsw.net/index.php/HLSW_Lua_Plugins

XMLservices : http://wiki.hlsw.net/index.php/Category:XML_Service