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    FarCry-Games (AA2, AA3, BF2142)

    DESCRIPTION: Redsack is a very cool tool for those using either BF2142 or Americas Army as it has it's own Ban List, allows you to see where cheaters are playing right now as well as other tools to keep cheaters at bay.

    Redsack holds a Master Ban List from all of the following AC organisations.

    AASA (Americas Army Server Admins)
    ACI (AntiCheat Inc)
    AON (AirDale Opts Network)
    PSB (PunksBusted)
    PBB (PBBans)
    CB (CheatBusted))

    America's Army


    RedSack Master Ban List, more than just another all-in-one ban list.
    You can download the list or lists but if you create an account you will receive an email each time the ban list is updated showing you what group added/removed bans, and server administrators can even have the ban list automatically transferred to their game servers via FTP when the player count is less than the number you request or at a specific time of day with notification when completed, check it out in the menu on the left.

    Americas Army Deploy Client Setup

    Yep it is here at last
    Download it, install it and wait... and wait... and wait...

    Don't be put of to much, in these early days there is so many people trying to connect it may crash V1.2.2 - 9.77 MB

    Let it run first time, and Windows will ask you if you want to unblock a port 'say yes' when it has finished and is sitting on the screen ready, shut it down.
    Now restart it again and wait for it to check the empty Cache, then it will update itself to v1.2.3, just let it run.
    when it has finished and is sitting on the screen, don't touch it, it will eventually ask you (about a minute later) if you want to patch to AA version 2.8.4, click yes and wait for it to download the patch.

    When it has downloaded the patch, click the install button.
    Note - It may crash, if this is the case don't panic just restart it and let it check it's cache and connect to a server, it will then popup a box and ask you if you want to patch to v2.8.4 'Say Yes', click the install button once again and 'WAIT'
    It takes awhile to extract the patch file ready for running, eventually you will see a popup dialogue ask you if you would like to patch version to v2.8.4, Click the button and watch it patch and your done.

    Using this client deploy method is really the best option, perseverance is the key it will get better as time goes by and I would trust this more than downloading the patch from a site that may have repacked it with some other undesirable program.

    Good luck and happy playing


    Welcome to Redsack

    If you are into BattleField 2142 on-line gaming then this is the place for you.
    Redsack is not a clan site, it is for information only. In fact as many tools as I can think of I will put on this site in the menu on the left.
    This site is hosted in the USA by, I on the other hand am in the UK.

    Who am I, just another player that has got really involved with this game, its strategy or just Rambo running around the maps.

    I have developed over the past year a number of tools for verious other game servers, mainly because I could not find anything like them out in the wider world.
    The site is supported by a backend SQL server, then there is a web server in the UK with another backed SQL server supporting that, that one is supplying all the data for the information on the left menu.
    And last but not least is the master scanning server also in the UK that polls all of the servers reading the Game play information.

    Feel free to download any of the tools on this site, I guarantee they are Virus, Spy-ware and Ad-ware free provided you download them from here only, if you see them somewhere else they could have been repacked with god knows what.
    If you really like using them or the site, then a donation would be really appreciated to help towards the running costs of the site, even $5 helps.

    Drop in to the forum and say Hi, I am always around to help out.
    Do you have any suggestions for programs, tools or utilities? I am a prolific programmer always looking for something new to get my teeth into, so just suggest it and we will see what we can do.

    BF2142 UPDATE:
    RedSack BF2142 website and Database is undergoing considerable changes at the moment to add new features.
    Please be bare with me on this as the new futures will enhance your BF2142 Administrative functions for your servers
    Adding BF2142 RMBL (Redsack Master Ban List)

    Full ban list from both PBB and PSB none duplicated.
    Automatically uploaded to your server
    Ban list transferred on the number of bans you set before transfer to your server
    And the minimum number of players you set before transfer to your server
    Registration of multiple servers under the same Control panel
    RSS feed to enable you access from your website and see that state your latest ban list is in
    Automatic Email giving all the information you need about the transfer
    Chat log Control, automatically reads your chat log enabling you to easily analyze the results.

    Bad Language filtering, adding key word with a score value
    Hold up to two weeks of chat logs
    Force a read at any time from your server, overriding automatic read after midnight
    Search for any player by name
    Search for any words or phrases and see who said what
    List of top bad language players, with GUID's enabling private bans to be placed
    Export chat log to Excel, Word, CSV, or text file for storage
    Complete control panel for Administrators with public access to none control panel screens
    Administrative messages only display
    Team kill displays
    I hope to have these features all up and running over the next couple of weeks, and as usual it is all FREE

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    Re: RedSack (AA, BF2142)

    Hi all

    My name is Greg and I run the RedSack web site, all you see there has been crafted by my very tired hands.
    It’s not really a clan site it is more for information than anything else, I have been playing AA for years and in the past couple BF2142.

    At present I don’t play a lot, been having problems on BF2142 with Punkbuster and Heartbeats stopped, did find the problem was ITunes – terminating the Ipodservice routine enabled me to play BF2142 again, but I am a sniper at heart and mainly stay close to those type servers, so if you are ever on one and see Born59 that’s me.

    AA2 I am {RaEl}SideWINdEr, note the AA2 my poor old machine just can’t take AA3 need to build a new one.

    RedSack has taken a good chunk of my time in the past and all the routines I write are as automatic as I can make them, meaning less work for me and that’s good, so much so I created some Administrator functions to take the pain out of administration for server owners, the Chatlog reader is one of those functions take a look at and login to the chatlog – administrators see more.

    Anyway I’m here to help, any questions post away… I like a good challenge and writing programs to do it, If you come up with a good idea I would be interested, I am looking for BF2142 server administrators, as I don’t run a BF server I would like to nose around the files it produces and hear from you to the purpose of writing program to help you do certain tasks.

    All the Best Greg
    AA2: {ReAl}SideWinder
    BF2142: Born59

    Redsack Administrator
    <br />A picture paints a thousand words, a video contains thousands of pictures.<br />All help files should be viewed this way.<br />

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    Re: RedSack (AA, BF2142)

    Very cool post Greg, thanks for coming by and giving us all a great intro.

    I think that's a great offer and hope people take advantage of RedSack's services, they look to me to be some fine tools.

    cheers, GreenBean.

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    Re: RedSack (AA, BF2142)

    Hi All

    AA3 ban list now added to the RMBL, this like the AA2 ban list is a full list from each Anti-Cheat Organisation with the duplicate removed.
    You can see more information using the menu item on the left ‘AA3 Anti Cheats Facts’ or download the ban list from the RMBL webpage.

    As of posting this there are 472 bans since AA3 was released, it is such a pity that there are so many already, and these poor player can’t use their own skill in the game.
    The game may be free but hosting servers is not, don’t forget to donate to a server if you enjoy playing on it, remember the Administrator keeps if free from cheats and to do so does a lot of work.
    <br />A picture paints a thousand words, a video contains thousands of pictures.<br />All help files should be viewed this way.<br />

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