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    New kind of hackers profile.

    What is worst? An official ennemy shooting at you or a brother in arms shooting you in the back?

    I'm sure anyone reading my post at this time is probably thinking: "What the hell is he talking about?"

    (We should have a "drum roll" feature available on the site )

    Okay, I'm 98% sure you all know about the non official rule when someone new on a server is having regular good scores. I mean sooner or later, he will be followed in spec by members and / or admins to find if it's real skill or a hack.

    One of the category of hackers I hate the most is the one playing clean long enough to become friendly with everyone around and get a Mr Niceguy reputation. Having a respectful attitude all the time, saying often funny soft comments, being very polite, ..... just waiting to get kind of "good reputation immunity" to start using their hacks.

    That kind of hackers knows very well about the process to be trusted by Clan admins and how to get a good reputation. But once done, they start slowly to act low because they have enough experience to know they won't be suspected. Worst, in majority of cases if another guest accuse them to hack, they will be defended by Clan members / admins.

    The sad part is these hackers are very numerous and maybe one the guest you like the most having on your server because you think he's a real good guy and talented player is nothing more than a big hypocrite.

    Some of them are even joining the Clan running the server where they use to play to feel safe because they know guests are rarely taking the risk to accuse Clan members.

    Don't know about you peeps but personally I prefer the ennemy calling me an ennemy in my face than the ennemy calling me a friend but trying to kill me in the back!

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    Re: New kind of hackers profile.

    Well part of what you said, the most important part, is that cheaters are essentially cowards. Cowards in that it's harder to accept one's own skill level versus how they'd like to be preceived... as a great warrior. It's all kind of stupid hiding behind a cheat and trying not to get caught because they know its wrong. Knowing that it is wrong, and therefore they must hide it should be telling them in their own minds to stop. Unfortunately many are addicted to it.

    Obviously the other part of what you said makes it harder on the rest of us, that is to gain the trust of fellow gamers as yet another level of 'proof' that they don't cheat, which is nothing more than another disguise to try to hide what they know is wrong. But what most hackers don't realize is that when they are discovered it's the community which will hang them out to dry meaning they will be completely cut off from the clan and server they've come to enjoy. I thinks it's a harsh punishment but at the same time it's hopefully a wake up call for the hacker to clean up their act.

    There are a smaller percentage of hackers who run servers. I can think of a few right away and still see them moving around on servers. Here it's tough for them once they get the rep of being a hacker to see their own servers die and no one really trusting them in the future.

    Ultimately the person who is going to cheat is going to lose the fight. And they lose it when they find themselves permanently banned... it's the life path of a loser.

    Understand that if you do things that will ultimately fail, like crime or in this case cheating, that you're heading to only one place, losers-ville.

    Tip to identify someone that you already suspect:
    Ask them if they're cheating. If they say 'no, i hate cheaters' or something short and to the point then enough said. If they go on and on especially throwing insults your way then they might be trying to cover their tracks and disguise what they're up to. You're followup response should be 'just wondering' or something simple so the game can continue and you don't become the one that's disruptive. Anyway, make a demo so that you and others can review their game, that's really the only way.

    I've asked certain people and have gotten the 'on and on' response, then for the next week I watch their scores drop like a wet sack of potatoes.

    Other cheaters, who are arrogant about their kills and skill... I don't say anything, I just make a demo, point out the cheats to other clan members and watch them get banned.


    We do not recommend making an issue on a server if you suspect someone, unless they're using an Aimbot and it would be extremely obvious to everyone. If the person is using an Aimbot stop playing and encourage everyone else to do the same.

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