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    -h|g- Hostile Gaming Organization { Mostly CoD4. BF2, FallOut3 & Others }


    We are a multi gaming clan that was built by close friends and family and since has flourished into a pretty nice sized clan, we have regular members div and a Jr div and are currently looking into gettin back into some matches or league play.. and well the rest is pretty much listed below, COME BY AND CHECK US OUT SOMETIME!!!!

    Clanname: Hostile Gaming Organization
    Clantag: -hg-
    Games played: COD4, BF, L4D & Several Others
    Clan Tracker:
    Current Members: 50 - 75
    Game Servers: see gametracker banner below
    Teamspeak/Ventrillo Server:
    Clan Leader: -h|g- Admins
    Clan Forum:
    Clan Homepage:
    Recruiting: Always


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    Re: -h|g- Hostile Gaming Organization { Mostly CoD4 }

    looks very cool.

    best of luck Grett and thanks for posting. I'll check it out later.

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    Re: -h|g- Hostile Gaming Organization { Mostly CoD4 }

    hey thanks bro, havent seen or heard from u in a long time, well since i left |DM| and i saw ur web link on pbbans soo i thought id stop by drop all our info and say hi long time no see, lol... cool sounds good to me bro!!!

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