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Subject: Reported Suspect By User

Suspects Name: M4ST3R,M4ST3R
Servers IP Address: Not sure
Servers Name: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Are you sure they were cheating: I\'m positive, it was obvious.

What type of cheat were they using: Multiple Hacks.

Anything else: He was just sitting in one spot near the middle of the map, slightly behind cover, and he had an M16 and was just getting headshots, from what I saw of it he could see through pretty much everything (i tried walls, smoke, and hay bales to hide) and no matter what headshots, he shot incredibly quickly and as I said, totally obvious, everyone who responded to my typing a complaint said they had noticed aswell.

Did others complain: Yes, many.

What action did server take: It was Modern Warfare Two (call of duty) on the PC so no dedicated servers, and I dont use Xfire because MW2 uses Steam. So I dont know


thanks for making a report, but according to activision MW2 won't have cheaters, right. As you mentioned no dedicated servers, etc. so I'm sorry to say there's actually nothing we can do. Below is a copy of your report you could give to the clan running the server and maybe, woops, strike that, no clans, no servers, nothing to do... report it to activision!

Good luck, I didn't buy the game for all the right reasons, GreenBean.
The HackHunters Team