Gaming Rules and Conduct


Whether you are in our forum, in a game, or, in real life, common sence should be your guide. Living your life in an ethical way has its rewards with good friends and a happy healthy family.

  • First Rule:
    Have Fun.

  • Second Rule:
    Never have fun at someone else's expense, this is what cheaters do. Joshing with a trusted friend is very different than joshing with a stranger. Be civil, nice and polite. Do the things you'd be expected of in public (which you are btw), and, if you're not sure what that means.... no cussing, bad mouthing, flaming, calling people names or attacking their ideas.

  • Third Rule:
    in the online world it's best to protect your identity.


We encourage the following guidelines when gaming online:

  1. Use auto-select to choose a team.
  2. Help the weaker team by switching sides to keep the game fun for everyone and increase the challenge.
  3. Do not bad mouth, curse or attack another player, clan or server.
  4. If you suspect someone is cheating, get their info including time, server ip, name, GUID and submit it to the clans administration as well as -HH-. Do not accuse any individual directly. If they admit to cheating, get screenshots of the text.
  5. Play with a good attitude and have fun.
  6. If you are an server admin, ask clan members to keep an eye on the server to make for a fair gaming environment. Use auto-messaging.






  1. -HH- is not a clan for gaming so anyone who joins us is encouraged to join a clan community. If you become a HunterBean and you discover that your clan leader is cheating (with proof) you must leave that clan if the issue isn't resolved with a ban of the individual.

  2. Whenever possible, wear the -HH- tags, but not in conflict with a clan's tags. -HH- tags should be displayed in the following way in relationship to a fictional clan tags: [DOD]HunterBean-HH-

  3. You are expected to follow our Code of Conduct whether here or out in the gaming community, other forums, etc. Not following our Code you will find your services not wanted and will be terminated.


  1. Personal or clan disputes are not our business.
  2. Do not submit false statements or documentation, every claim is thoroughly checked.
  3. If you suspect someone of cheating, submit their information via our link on the Home Page (Report A Suspect). Never post their identity or clan name in the public forum.

  4. Do not use foul lanuage and/or abbreviations in your name or statements.
  5. No member of HackHunters may now, in the future or in the past use cheats and/or hacks of any kind.
  6. Computer settings while gaming must not exceed -HH- recommendations so as to promote fair play which is not at the expense of someone else.

HUNTER BEAN CYBER CAFE PROJECT: (in Preliminary Design Phase)

History: The HunterBean Cyber Cafe Project is a real computer cafe for learning and having fun. You can learn more from links on our Home Page or in the Forum.

If you game at our planned HunterBean Cyber Cafe, you will be considered a special clan member and will act appropriately. No gamer from our Cyber Cafe will be allowed to cheat and must follow our Code of Conduct or they will be banned from the cafe, whether you are a full paying individual or not.

Whether you are full paying customer of the HunterBean Cyber Cafe project (which will help subsidize our project) or not, you may belong to another clan and forgo belonging to -HH- but still must follow our Code of Conduct.


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