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      2017 looks like it will be an awesome year in gaming, with games like Battlefield 1, Star Citizen, Squad, Halo 6, a new Left4Dead and so many others, it looks to be an impressive immersive virtual world of gaming choices.

      Graphics, story line, characters and cooperative game play have reached new amazing levels of fun.

      NOTE: Returning users will be required to reset password as a security measure by using the password recovery link. Go Gamers!

      BANNED? If you feel you've been banned by mistake, go to HackHuntersACO FaceBook Page and let us know with a 'message'. Message (PM) us your email address along with an additional profile related to video gaming. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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    • Bad & Good Server Signs

      Signs of a BAD Server

      Most servers and clans want to make for a fair and fun environment for everyone. Some aren't so generous and others are out-right abusive. Always look for the 'fun and fair' whenever possible and spend your time there.

      If you spend your time on bad servers, you've given them the right to continue their behavior.

      Keep in mind that all clans vary in the way they run their server and that's good for enhancing the gaming experience. Just don't let yourself become abused. If you find multiple bad issues that a clan doesn't wish to improve upon, then you should simply put your time into a server that has people who care about you and your experience. Would you really want it any other way?


      1) KILLCAM: Is the KillCam turned off? Using it allows everyone to see how they were killed and quickly exposes individuals who cheat. Turning it off allows cheaters to hide the use of wall hacks, aimbots or other things. Yes, those people who are not wearing clan tags, but are cheating, are probably clan members. We encourage all clans to turn on the KillCam with the player option of not watching it (i.e., choice of watching killcam footage or of respawning). As suggested, it does not affect the game respawn time.

      2) SPEC. Is Spectating turned off? Spec allows everyone the opportunity to watch a suspicious player. I also allows players to realise that someone is not cheating. To turn it off allows people to cheat freely and without question. Some servers will say that it allows more players to be playing, but even if this is the case, there should be at least 2 slots reserved for spec'ng. There is no excuse for not having spec available, except if your own clan members cheat. We encourage all clans to turn on spec and only kick those in spec who are AFK.

      3) SPEC HAS MUSIC TURNED ON: Not an actual infraction but more of an oversight that had good intentions. The clan wants to improve your experience, but Spec on with music doesn't allow you to hear footsteps. This is not a good quality as it sometimes leads to wrongful accusations, since someone might hear the approach of an enemy and turn in their direction before they see them, leading to the sense that the person is using a wall cheat when they are not. We encourage all clans to turn off music and let the sounds of game be heard.

      4) STACKED TEAMS: Are teams stacked consistantly against new player or non clan players? Sometimes a clan will do this simply to practice their team work, which is legitimate, but they shouldn't do this all the time on a public server. We suggest that if they do to make an announcement that they are playing as a group to practice. If they are doing it all the time, you're not going to have much fun.

      5) DOMINATING CLAN MEMBERS: Do certain clan member totally dominate consistently with a score 30 or more points above everyone else, when everyone else's score is consistent with each other? There may be a problem here, like a super-charged computer, and might warrant investigation. Maybe they're just great, it's not impossible... you decide.

      6) NO COMPLAINING: Does the clan say no complaining, yet certain unknown people are totally dominating? Yeah, sure, insist on shutting up your right to call into question someone who you feel is cheating. Instead of complaining, get their information (as outlined here), contact the clans administration via a PM (private message), see if they do or say anything and then report everything you've learned to us.

      7) UNJUST BANS: Has the clan banned someone they say was cheating, but you think has never cheated, and they have no proof to support their claim. Contact us with the details. This is a common practice among clans who's leaders cheat and who may of been discovered by just an ordinary player. The clan cheater wants to get rid of the player and will yell 'cheater, cheater' to everyone in hopes of deterring the player from even complaining about the ban.

      8.) DOMINATING TEAMS: Do you sometimes see one side that's being dominated and crushed, and players start to leave, without auto-balance filling in the vacancies? This is not a good sign. Usually players leave because they have just had enough, and if the clan isn't doing something about the situation, it shows that they could care less. So why play in this kind of environment? What's the fun in that. On the other hand, if the dominated side has clan members in it, then that's a sign that it's just the way the round turned out. Encourage the clan to turn on Auto-balance.

      9) DOMINATING TEAMS BY ONE PLAYER: Total domination of a team can be caused by many reasons, the quality of players on each side, the quality of pings... but if it happens always because one particular player helps that team dominate, then that circumstance and individual could be questionable. The very best types of individuals, who dominate, will lighten up their game and even switch sides. It is the other type of dominator who are 'egomaniac hunter killers at all costs' who may be tempted to do anything to increase their standing and score including cheating. Keep an eye on them and watch for any suspicious activity. It is always possible that they're really good and want to just play their game which is fine, as long as they're not taking advantage of people using cheats. We think that clans should try and keep the teams 'skill level' balanced as well as auto-balanced.

      10) GLITCHES: sometimes it's fun to explore the map with others, even with those on different teams but if you're doing so no one should get killed and everyone on the server at that time understands this. If you know someone who uses these glitches, you're looking at someone who will do anything to increase their standing and score. Report them and see if the clan does anything.

      11) DOMINATING PLAYER: Does someone always dominate consistently? Look at the context... Even good players have their ups and downs, it depends on the dynamics of the game. If there is a dominator, and the clan has never banned people, well, you may be looking at a problem. If on the other hand you discover that the player is, say a sniper who keeps their distance consistently from the enemy, well, that can be understood. Look at the context of who's owning everyone and use your common sense.

      12) CLAN BEHAVIOR: Do clan members have good attitudes? Are they insulting players, using profanity? Report bad behavior to us with a screenshot.

      Are you discovering and experiencing multiple 'bad signs'? Maybe you should check out some other servers.
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