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      Welcome to HackHunters 2017:

      2017 looks like it will be an awesome year in gaming, with games like Battlefield 1, Star Citizen, Squad, Halo 6, a new Left4Dead and so many others, it looks to be an impressive immersive virtual world of gaming choices.

      Graphics, story line, characters and cooperative game play have reached new amazing levels of fun.

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    • Network Security+ Discussion Topics and Answers - Part One

      .Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals
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      For this blog topic, I will be posting discussions about Network Security and provide answers to them. This is for studying purposes only, mainly for me to keep track of. But feel free to read the questions and answers for yourself.
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      1. Why do you think there is a significant demand for IT professionals who know how to secure networks and systems from attacks?

      There is a high demand for IT professionals that know how to secure a network and systems from attacks because it is highly important to protect the important information and or data that companies, businesses, and people store into their networks and systems. These could be personal information such as social security numbers, bank account statements, identity information, and even passwords. Without an IT professional to secure their networks, it can cost the companies lots of money if an unauthorized hacker/attacker has gained access.

      2. Hacking into a computer system is illegal; in spite of this, businesses that fail to protect electronic data may face legal consequences. Do you think this is fair? Why or why not?

      I would say that this is fair, as a person who trusts these companies and businesses with my personal information and data; they are responsible in keeping that information secure. If someone where to get access to this personal information, they can ultimately take over someone
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