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  1. xbox 360 versus xBox One

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    Far Cry 4 Xbox 360 Vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

  2. I don't care!

    There they are, cheating and acting all proud that they do it. But what are they really showing us?

    In my opinion they're exposing their complete lack of empathy towards others. That is they are borderline sociopaths and for that reason I feel sorry for them. Why? Because it means they didn't grow up in a normal family of caring attentive parents, that they weren't corrected when doing something wrong and that, left to their own imagination decided 'not to care.' You see, their childhood antics have grown out of control. BTW, I read that all the time from them: 'I don't care.' They don't care if it upsets you, or if you rage against them. They are numb and their own family experience is at the root of their vacuum of emotions.

    Yeah, that's really sad and too bad. You see, I can empathize with their situation. They missed out on integrating themselves with society and see themselves as on the fringe. And for that they are mad and want revenge against everyone around them. So they strike, by purchasing a cheat that anyone would agree ruins the game experience for them, yeah, them. Seriously, how can one have an immersive experience with red, blue and yellow stick figures all over the screen. But 'they don't care' because they are raging against YOU.

    And this is why I care so much about AntiCheat efforts that ban cheaters. These cheaters need to be shown by someone what is right and what is wrong. They need to have a parental figure that they can learn to respect, one that will not tolerate low-life behavior, so that they might actually improve their life and, unlikely but hopefully, begin to acknowledge that others are in the world and have a right to live free of such behavior and that those 'other' people actually do care.

    I do feel sorry for them, but that doesn't mean I will enable them. Hell no. I will do everything in my power to set them straight because I think they're worth fighting for, for the benefit them and everyone. You see, they are the tip of what's bad in society. Yeah they do it virtually, but it's still illegal, like smugglers, burglars and muggers, or in the case of cheat makers, drug pushers. And this is why we at HackHunters appreciate the efforts of countless Admins and Gamers who go out of their way to catch cheaters and block their bad habits permanently, and as such we will continue to do our part in helping those front line guardians turn the tide, until, everyone 'gets it.'

    If you're a cheater, don't give up hope because life, being as long as it is, will change you too. Guaranteed.

    by: azn
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