View Full Version : PC users need to show console users what they're missing

10-27-2009, 10:03 PM
To enlighten console users as to what they're missing by playing games on console only.

Modern Warfare 2, which will be an influence on other game developers, threatens to undermine the enjoyment we PC gamers have in comparison to playing on a console. We enjoy low ping, larger maps, more players, choosing servers, clan home base and communities, modding, mapping, scripting and much more. Console gamers enjoy playing the stock game and belonging to a huge crowded community of strangers (is that really it or are their other features?).

Based on the above, I don't think console users really understand what they're missing. I know from reading forums that they get into the perks, weapons and other features built within the game, but know little else.

To create a video that compares the two in an unbiased way, that is, to show honestly what the differences are. To go into some depth with regards to the variety of interests that PC users can get involved in versus the lack of depth within the console communities.


Please submit your ideas on how to pull this off....

In order to do this right, we need a console gamers to help us.

10-28-2009, 06:49 PM
Them taking dedicated servers away, pretty much takes away a huge difference in console and PC. That was one of th ehuge advantages of a PC user compared to a console.

10-28-2009, 07:16 PM
Time we represent!

Time we help educate console users what they will miss when they graduate to a PC!

Time we take action!

All those families that provide their kids with consoles to play some games is great, but those kids will be growing up and many of them will move onto a PC, slowly taking advantage of everything it offers. Most will take it all for granted, but to me there's such a contrast between the gaming experience of a console versus a PC that it seems like an easy task to promote the PC as the choice gaming platform.

Still, one needs to address the root problem, and that is an attitude that it's okay to steal. I hear it repeated on forums all over people suggesting that they'll just download MW2. Hello? Stop it and make a sacrifice and stand up to do what's right. It's not complicated. What's troubling is that the current PC community is what has initiated this entire thing and to say adding more people to the PC market alone will make a difference doesn't actually address the core problem. It's unfortunately a cultural problem when you can go to GameStop and see threads that say 'Cheats'... and even though they mean single player it still registers in the 'smaller' brain that it's okay to cheat. Addressing this root problem will be very hard, but one can start in several places. One, PB must start handing out real bans for obvious violations like Wall Hacks. Two, game developers should start prosecuting criminals. Three, we need to promote the virtues of the PC experience.... and that we can do here.

Post your ideas.

To start:

YouTube allows High Definition 10 minute videos max. Hopefully we can get across a message in less than 10 minutes and make it interesting or funny enough to keep people's attention.

YouTube is a great format and is easily accessible to everyone.

The video could have a right and left half. Left side to represent console attributes fairly. Right side to represent PC attributes fairly in relationship to the Console.

It should probably use the most played game that is available on all platforms currently... COD4 as an example.

Someone could start getting screen images/video clips of all available custom maps, mods, etc.
Someone could get a count of clans and servers.

The video could be a play on the Mac/PC person commercial (left/right) to add a level of humor, or some other concept that ties everything together, like a COD4 character acting as host.