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10-21-2009, 02:31 AM

First of the explenation. Battlerecorder files (refered to as BR files) are files that record gameplay for the entire map. You can usually dowload these files from the server owner website (clan, gaming community, community ladder etc.) It should be located in there server information page/post.

To view a BR file you must download the specific file that you want. The name format is as follows:

auto <year> <month> <day> <hour> <minute> <second>.bf2142demo

Please note that all times are in 24 hours and you want the file that states the starting time of the round, not the finish time. My clan hosts BR files for other clans, I will use this server as an example: http://theshadowalliance.net/clana/

You have to have BF2142 installed to be able to view BR files. Download the file to (My Documents > Battlefield 2142 > Profiles > Default > demos) If you do not have a folder named &#39;demos&#39; just create one.

Start Battlefield 2142 > Login > Select Soldier > Community > Battlerecorder > on the right hand side there will be a list of BR files you have in the demos follder. Click on the one you want to view and click play.

If you think someone is cheating spectate them, using the T and Q button to your mouse to make selections and change settings. If you have FRAPS installed than you can record the player snapping/shooting through walls, locked crosshair etc. and than send it to a HH admin or upload it to a website and give them a link so that they may confirm of deny your suspicians.

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10-21-2009, 03:01 AM
[/b]Server Administration[/b]

I have been admining for a few years in BF2142 and I picked up alot of tricks in the trade. Now, however because we dont have the clan funds to run our 32 slot server I find myself without my beloved Rcon password :(

Anyway, I created a few word documents way back to send to people learning how to administrate a server. You guys might find it usefull if you have a server, or are a server admin.

Loggin In: rcon login <password>

rcon exec admin.listPlayers - Lists the players connected to the server, showing their name, ID number and IP number.

rcon exec admin.runNextLevel - Forces the server to end the round and start the next map in the map list.

rcon exec admin.currentLevel - Shows the map list ID number for the current map being played.

rcon exec admin.nextLevel - Shows the map list ID number for the next map to be played.

rcon exec admin.restartMap - Restarts the current map.

rcon exec admin.kickplayer <player ID number>

rcon exec admin.banPlayer <player ID number> <timeout> <reason> - Enter the player ID number you want to ban (this can be found by holding TAB, right click than click on manage, the ID numer is next to their name). Bans the player from the server by using their IP address. The timeout value controls the length of the ban e.g. perm for permanent ban, round to ban them for the rest of the round, and 180 is 180 seconds (3 minutes).

rcon exec admin.banPlayerKey <player ID number> <timeout> <reason> - Enter the player ID you want to ban. Bans the player from the server by using their CD key hash.

rcon exec admin.addAddressToBanList <IP address> <timeout> - Enter the IP number you want to ban.

rcon exec admin.addKeyToBanList <CD key hash> <timeout> - Enter the CD key hash you want to ban.

rcon exec admin.removeAddressFromBanList <IP address> - Enter the IP address to remove from the ban list.

rcon exec admin.removeKeyFromBanList <CD key hash> - Enter the CD key hash you want to remove from the ban list.

rcon exec admin.clearBanList - Clears all ban lists.

rcon exec admin.listBannedAddresses - Displays a list of the currently banned IP addresses.

rcon exec admin.listBannedKeys - Displays a list of the currently banned CD keys.

rcon exec admin.kickPlayer [player ID number] - Enter the ID number of the player you want to kick. (this can be found by holding TAB, right click than click on manage, the ID numer is next to their name).

rcon exec mapList.list - Lists map ID numbers, map name, game mode and the number of players if specified.

rcon exec mapList.load - Makes the server reload _mapList.con

rcon exec mapList.save - Saves the current map list on the server to the file _mapList.con

rcon exec mapList.mapCount - Shows the total number of maps in the current map list

rcon exec mapList.currentMap - Shows the map list ID number of the current map being played

rcon exec mapList.clear - Clears the current map list

rcon exec mapList.remove - <map ID number> - Removes the specified map from the map list

rcon exec mapList.append - <map name> <game mode> <number of players> - Add a new map to the end of the map list. You must specify the map name and game modes

If you have a hacker/cheat that you continually ban, try banning their IP. Some hacks have fast CD changers, so Ban them than 2 seconds later ban them again.


10-21-2009, 11:07 AM
Hey swipecall, thanks for all this info.

sorry to hear you don't have a 32 slot server anymore... but I'm sure that's going to change when BF Bad Company 2 comes out... there's a lot of new interest in the game. It does look incredible, destructible environments, great animations and environments. ahh, i'm off topic.

I like the IP suggestion too, get them off quickly the second time and they'll give up faster and move on to somewhere else.

10-22-2009, 02:44 AM
Yea, no problem. I might be adding a 16p server to our clans funds so I will see how that comes.

08-25-2010, 07:43 PM
Great post and worth adding as long as a server is streaming anyone playing on it can download & send those suspect battle recorders to the server admin who can then send it to the relevant places... That said some servers like myself don't allow players to access battle recorders as it is used as a tool for wrong doing by some, By wrong doing I don't mean cheating but players can learn others tactics especially on a server they frequent a lot..

But as an admin this is a good tool for checking out suspect players & if you run a server you might want to stream to GGC as i think they & GV are the only streaming orgs that allow them due to it being shot in 3rd person (BR i mean) but i say to that an obvious botter is easy to see in 3rd or 1st person as are other cheats.