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10-07-2009, 12:47 AM
I wrote up a Gamers Bootcamp Guide at the beginning of this year. Here is what I have experienced while gaming, so I hope it helps.

Practice Makes Perfect -

Every wonder why top-gaming professionals are perfect? Why do they kick out ***? Because they practice. They know every nook and cranny that a map has to offer, and literally make use of each and every location on the map. They know where and what their opponents are doing, even if they are across the map. They go above and beyond, searching for new techniques to conquer the enemies. Over the years, they gather secrets on what is the best way to take them down. Some have honed their skills over the year, and some. I can say are just freaking naturals at gaming. I bet they fell good when a veteran players starts to whine and accuse them of hacking because they are getting owned. Having talked with many gamers such as myself, I have applied their techniques with my own that I have used on a daily basis. But it isn't just me, even the best gamers out their in the world use other games as their core building block to improving and bring their gaming level to a new level.

Watch Demos -

Many games have released videos or demos for their newly released game. Such including teasers, game play, or even user submitted videos. You can watch replays of the worlds top gamers in action. Watch them over and over, learn how they move and shoot, it certainly can speed up the learning process of just trying to figure their tactics by yourself. Replay the most important parts of the game play demos. You can watch where they hide to camp, or use it against them and throw a grenade at their hiding spot. A lot of professional gamers record themselves when they are playing matches or just playing in general. So they can analyze and figure out how to correct their mistakes, and to further improve their techniques. Go ahead and check out GamerReplays.org or YouTube.com for game play videos, and demos.

Play more and more -

Whats the best way to practice? Constantly playing over and over. You do not have to always play just matches or in tournaments. Have some fun and join a public server. Kick some but, relax and not take it so serious all the time. I believe that it is proven that if your having fun and playing. You will be more successful in winning over your opponents. Try not to run and gun, but take your shots off carefully. Just by playing in a public server, your playing more then one game. You could play multiple games if you would like. Like trying to see how long you can live without dieing. Become the best player in the map, with the best kill to death ratio, how many points you can scrap up. Also level up your rank and stats. Many gamers can tell you that you need to play the game till its your second nature. Every move you make is controlled by your instincts and familiarity, constant gaming will bring you to this point in game play. You can't buy hardcore equipment or read a game guide to do this. Only playing will.

Play someone better or harder -

Want to become better at any game? One way I found out how to is, simply keep playing better or harder opponents. Keep working harder, don't stop and relax with choosing a level 1 player compared to a level 100 player. Are you level 5? Play some one that has a level 10 or 12. Keeping adding number of levels to your opponent. You will get better and better. Let the more experienced player help you by beating you to the ground till one day you beat him. Makes you feel good about your self that you a noob beat a veteran.

Break your opponent -

In any game, your opponent will tend to use their favorite tactic or technique against you. Of course they will have backup ones, but sometimes they let go of themselves and create some sort of technique pattern. Always attacking from the left or the right, always going up on the roof of a certain building, or always running out towards a certain pathway. Don't let them guess where your going, break their strategy. Make them mix it up a little. Counteract them and flank them out. Predict the path they take and throw a few grenades their. BOOM, and BANG! You just took 3 of the 8 of their team out. Now you only have to face off 5 of them instead of 8. It creates an advantage towards your team. You can either fight to get the PSP or choose not to. Take them out before they get to the PSP.

Play against another player, not the game itself -

Good players think beyond a normal player. They think of exploits or weakness that the other team has. They use it against them, some players have a offensive or defensive style of playing. Should I stay back and defend our objective or should I attack them before they get a chance to attack us? The whole point of online gaming, is that you do not know exactly how your opponent is thinking. Are they trying to ambush us in their traps or are they just waiting to be shot at? You never know what they are thinking. So try to make them make mistakes and panic. Make them rush their thoughts and techniques. It will create a hole and you can use it to get them back harder. But aware. They can do the same to you, just be prepared for it thou. Don't expect the expected.

Gaming Etiquette -

We're here to make gaming a more pleasant activity, be it for you or people we play with. You probably seen other players that just ruin the game. Always whining and accusing, name calling or making unnecessary comments towards others. Gamers should understand they can sit around all day making themselves look or feel stupid by lashing out on someone from the other team. It also makes your team embarrassed to have him on their team. Gamers get heated up and tend to take it out on someone else because they are serious about gaming. But the difference between a good gamer and a poor sport is their discipline in the game. You might think that someone is cheating or hacking, and start pointing fingers in their direction. Is it worth it to ruins everyone else's game? How are you sure he is cheating? Is it because he got a head shot on you on purpose or on accident? Do you have proof? What if he isn't cheating, but has played this game longer then you have, You just made a fool of yourself. Just remember, would you want to be a good gamer that people think respectful of or a good gamer that has name that is no better then mud.

Teamwork -

Ever wonder why a team wins? Is it because they have a one man show or is it because they work together as a team? It is not called Team Deathmatch for a reason. You win by how much your team is scoring, not you. Communication and tactics go along better when teaming up on someone working alone. Use teamspeak or ventrilo to speak to your team members. Typing works but it is slow and your enemy could already be their before your done typing it. Working together in anything as proven to work best. So give it a try if you do not believe me.

**Have any more good tips for perfecting your game play? Please share it and reply to conversation.**

10-07-2009, 02:05 AM
Great list. stickied.

Referring to practice... one can load an empty map on their own computer and walk around. These maps are static (they don't change), so it's hard to find unique places the pros don't automatically look, along with everyone else. You should check out my 'game suggestions' Moreno regarding to a new map type that 'mixes up' the parts of a map every time it's played. ;)


I saw a part of a military show which referred to a chinese general 'chi' or something and all of the rules of combat one should use to gain an advantage... I'll have to look it up and post something. I was reminded because during a recent round one guy kept telling everyone to run directly to the plant site on S&D on a 60 slot server. Well the other team knew it, so they basically slaughtered our team round after round. I kept saying 'lets out-flank them'... but this guy 'knew it all'- yikes.

Having the right strategy works, having the wrong one spells disaster.

of course my real strategy would of been:
1) split the team into 3 parts, basically if you spwn left go left, spwn center stay center, spwn right go right.
2) For the quickest path to the target...'hold the left and create a lot of noise and smoke to make them think we're going straight to the target... like always'.
3) completely stay hidden at the center which was vulnerable to snipers... basically hold for the right flank to come around. By hiding the snipers will think, like always, that there are no noobs running down the center of the street.
4) attack the weakest right flank (since the opposing force are all running towards the target to get in on the slaughter) and sweep around to the rear of the target, and as you approach call in the 'center' to move forward along with the left to basically slaughter the enemy from all directions.
5) and finally the sniper rifle... on S&D servers I was playing on there was only 1 per team... so I'd have 2 people ready to pick up the sniper rifle if the sniper was shot.... got to protect those advancing teams, especially at the center.

it would work, but would take a lot of cooperation. too bad in games there is only the minimal team cooperation, it'd be fun to set up a strategy like this some time. :)

10-07-2009, 11:33 PM
Yeah its a great guide, for players beginning to play online for the first time. I am sure many great players know this or know more but I thought I would post this.