View Full Version : What is a loser? (a message to those who cheat)

10-06-2009, 12:10 PM
If you cheat... read it!


Do you know what the pict above really means?

loser: a person who fails frequently or is generally unsuccessful in life.

It came to me today that people actually do grow up, that is they accept responsibility for their own lives and make the most of it. My proof... the '60's. Yep, you know them, the hippies... long hair, ripped blue jeans, hairy all over and a willingness to smell and tell those who have a job to 'get lost'. What happened to all those hippies... they grew up and got jobs, families and got on with their lives. Well, not all. In fact there are still hippies out there from the '60's, except their long hair is a bit thinner and has a lot more gray to it. The remaining percentage of those who still cling to their hippy roots is a very small percentage and even they have real jobs and have found a way to adapt themselves to society. So much for their core way of life.

The real question is why did the greater proportion of hippies 'grow up' and change? Could it be that there came a point in time where they felt embarrassed by their look and attitude? Perhaps it was just their inability to sustain their free life-style or, maybe just a desire for change. The bottom line is, that which we do as young adults does change... when we get older we look back at some of the stupid things we did and vow never to repeat them. And when we take this step we can look at other 'young ones' and chuckle at their behavior. You may not realize it but if you do stupid stuff you are embarrassing yourself and people will chuckle. The thing is, people hide their chuckling because they really don't want to laugh at you out loud, as they have better things to do with their own lives.

Thankfully most older teens and young adults already get this and have a solid grasp on what life's about. They are out there now making the most of their life, building their knowledge, skills and attitude towards having an enriched life. But if you actually cheat, hack websites, be disruptive, etc. you are exposing yourself to embarrassment as we all see you as just another 'stupid' kid who hasn't figured it out yet.

Now we don't actually mean that you are mentally challenged when we say stupid. What we mean to say is that you don't have enough perspective on life, or no one has taught you it. Ultimately it is up to you to understand just how embarrassing your actions are to everyone who witnesses it. From our point of view it looks like you are screaming for attention like a child does when they cry, and through our own memories we all chuckle and thank God we're no longer teens ourselves. Ask any adult, would you like to be a teen again? You know the answer. Do you know why they always answer NO!? Figure it out before you do something else that you'll want to try and live down... meaning, everything you do is part of people's perception of who you are... you are defining your character with your actions.

If you step back and really ask yourself what you want to be when you do grow up, I think you'll realize being part of a cheating culture is clearly a dead end. You have to figure out why, and figure out what kind of life you want for yourself.... for real.

And for those who are clinging to forever being a hippy... the rest of us are still chuckling. ;)

The 'loser' pict above? Well, if someone calls you a loser, what they're desperately trying to let you know is, that there's a problem with what you're doing.

10-06-2009, 09:41 PM
It is like in high school. If your going to always cheat and copy off of another persons assignment, ultimately your going to fail on the big test. Same thing can be related in life. If you going to cheat, this could be playing video games or cheating someone for money, or business. Your going to be a failure at life and all the hard struggles that may come.

10-23-2009, 03:04 PM
Well written bean, and a nice picture ;D

I totally agree with you .