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10-04-2009, 04:37 PM
I think we ever talked about these subjects but I don't remember where it was. (I wanted to be sure our info are updated.)

It's nothing new but some server's owners like to start problems on other servers to help increasing their own traffic. Generally it's kind of teamwork. A few guests act like :D :D :D to have all the guests mad and what a coincidence, suddenly one of the guest playing clean starts telling everyone something like : "Guys we shoud leave and try on a better server like.........."

A similar case is done sometimes by a single person having access to a second PC in the same room. He's connected but wait in spec with a name X on a second PC while playing on his other PC with name Y. When ppl are real mad against player Y, curiously player Y takes a little break or jump in spec while player X pop up in the game and start whinning against the server and invite ppl to play somewhere else.

Fortunately it's rare but it's kind of classic scenario use by some ppl who have problems to fill their own servers. >:(


Of course that 2 PC's combination is how certain hackers cheat and why most of the admins are unable to figure out what they're doing. Of course SS are useless because it's not software.

Can be teamwork or single player work.

When they have 2 (or more) PC's in the same room, they set one PC beginning of the game to watch the ennemy territory on one screen while playing on the second screen. Kind of hack admins have big problems to prove.

Another teamwork scenario is when a few guys communicate with a voice communication software. One members of the group is in spec spying ennemies and telling his friends where they are hiding, moving, ...

Hope that may helps some of you to understand why certain players have an impossible 6th sense even without a wallhack.


10-04-2009, 06:00 PM
The last part that you are talking about is officaly called "Ghosting".

10-04-2009, 08:21 PM
Thx a lot for the information.

In the past, I heard often about that kind of hack but I was unable to find a place to read about the subject. Also I was trying to figure out if there is a good solution to prevent that specific problem.

I read recently a post: LINK (http://www.majorleaguestoners.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=3252) that gave me interest to learn more because I was suspecting that kind of hack.

I know on some servers ppl in spec for too long are warned or autokick after a particular delay to prevent possible hacking but it's far to be the case everywhere.

I suppose in case of very similar ping / IP are good clues to suspect a player have more than one PC running but in case of teamwork......

well, I have to admit my knowledge is more about general PC stuff (hardware / software) for the rest I feel like a junior. ;D



10-05-2009, 12:30 AM
good info Ov3rCasT and thanks for bringing up the issue. I know I've been 'ghosted' before but i see it as such an immature thing that it doesn't really bother me. The first part of just disrupting a server to try to get ppl to your server is pretty low. It's like a restaurant sabotaging another restaurant to try and get customers, really pathetic tactic. I think good server rules help guard against it though, if there's a stong 'do not recruit' message ppl tend to respect it and understand when someone is fishing for players.

10-05-2009, 04:04 PM
The first part of just disrupting a server to try to get ppl to your server is pretty low. It's like a restaurant sabotaging another restaurant to try and get customers, really pathetic tactic.

You said pathetic? Yep I agree with you 200%. I forgot to mention another kind of incident as much pathetic use by some low ppl to try empty other servers. They use admin and clan tags on that Clan server to be rude and disrespectful with some guests. Generally the objective is to be sure the guests will leave and won't come back.


Personnaly I still convinced that the online gaming community is very vulnerable. It's not a surprise but developpers first objective is to make money. So year after year they have to offer new games version to make $. Depending the game, the meantime before a new version availability is 1.5 years.

The problem is the gamers community is not growing so fast. But it's not all, I mean the kids are rarely helping to pay the bills for servers renting.

It's a fact to say ppl who pay the bills feel generally more concerned. That means also except one of the admin is rich, when ppl start a Clan to play a particular game, they have rarely in mind to switch for all the new versions each time they are available. Members of a clan like to play in tourneys, competition, ..... You can't be good if you switch for a new game every 1.5 years.

Each time a game have more than a year, developpers have no big interest to keep supporting seriously that game. They want the customers to switch for the new version. They could develop incredible games right now but they prefer to add slowly some little features.

Well, in a certain way I'm saying all that because I'm sure the fight to get players, whatever the way the get them is far to be over.

10-06-2009, 10:20 AM
you're absolutely right regarding game developers. There are a lot of fun games already on the market, but most people do opt for the newer titles if they can afford them. I think cost is really the only factor and that also relates to whether your computer can play the game.

With older popular titles, like MOH, CODUO and others it certainly must be a different environment now than when they first came out. I've seen a lot of people move from clan to clan following the games they love to play. Some clans try to incorporate other games, but typically this is hard to do as people of a certain game want to focus on that game and not so much other titles, so you need a large enough community to pull it off.

With the core ppl leaving you get, like you said, younger kids that haven't learned the rules of etiquette and do everything that you're suggesting. The only solution is to police your servers. But this is what I personally like about all the gaming communities as it teaches young kids who forever will be out to cause a little trouble to test the limits of acceptability, that there is a limit to what people will tolerate. I personally would like them to learn those lessons in an online context and not in the real world. Of course I'd rather have the parents of those trouble makers step up and teach their kids right from wrong, but if they fail maybe that's where we can step in and help set them straight... which is for their own good.

Policing isn't that easy though especially if you're seeing other core clan members leaving resulting in more of a burden to those who remain.

Regarding ppl taking clan tags and names to disrupt, I think EvenBalance has a name registry that protects, to a certain extent, from this. Those who stoop to such low tactics though, as to actually steal someone's name to reck havoc on a server that clan's server, are truly pathetic and their parents really need to be the one's who are scolded.

Common parents, step up to the plate and look at what your kid is actually doing online! (lazy swags)
For that matter, just speak to your teen and tell them what is and is not appropriate online behavior, the kid will know what to do.