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DEMO, Scroll down to find your game for instructions...

Note: reposted from our HackHunters Tutorial section here: http://www.hackhunters.com/forum/index.php?topic=78.0

If you are streaming PBBans, teach everyone on your server these two steps in recording a Demo: /record cheater and /stoprecord by putting a message on your server. Since PBBans accepts demo recordings, you can even have guests help you keep your server free of cheaters.


You can NOT capture the Score Board or the Console, or PunkBuster's pb_plist using the in-game Demo record feature... please use a screen shot to capture these. Check out the XFire screen shot feature as these are automatically uploaded and available for every AntiCheat unit and HunterBean to see and download.

Why Use DEMO's: Demo's are great for someone to record their own game or record someone else's game while in spec because the resulting file sizes are very small, the video can be viewed at full screen and it shows all the smoke, action, sounds, that the player experienced. They are also good in that additional video capture programs can then record any specific highlights of the action.

The down side of demo's is that the person viewing the demo must have the game installed, they can't pause, stop or quit the demo when it is playing and they don't literally show cheats but they can be valuable in exposing someone who is cheating. Every gamer should know how to make a demo for their game. HackHunters will try and provide tutorials for each game in clear, step by step, easy to understand, and in plain english, instructions.

If you have any comments, please post, we may use your information to add to an existing post giving you the credit. If you have basic steps for a game you play, add them here, we'll modify them as required to meet our requirements for 'step by step...' instructions. Thanks.

NOTES: Demos give HackHunters the ability to view all the action of a spec'd player. Then we can make a separate video of only the relevant parts of the demo to be used as evidence against or for a suspect.

In order to link to a demo, you will have to upload it to a server that can host it, so others can link to it. Here are a few places where you can get your demo hosted:

www.wikiupload.com (http://www.wikiupload.com)
www.badongo.com (http://www.badongo.com)
www.yousendit.com (http://www.yousendit.com)
www.bigupload.com (http://www.bigupload.com)
www.Rapidshare.com (http://www.Rapidshare.com), great for quickly emailing demo to info@hackhunters.com
www.yourfilehost.com (http://www.yourfilehost.com)

Be sure to zip the file first.

If you have a demo of a cheater, and you've filled out a REPORT A SUSPECT (http://www.hackhunters.com/05_reportasuspect/report.html) form, you can email us the demo and we will host it for you.

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MOHAADemo v1.1 (PC Only)
MOHAADemo v2.0 can be found here; http://files.filefront.com/MoHAA+Demo+v2/;3179160;/fileinfo.html (PC Only)

We understand there to be many problems with this Demo Program including potential virus infections. Download at your own risk.

This is a patched MOHAA.EXE ( Medal of Honor:Allied Assault v1.11 US )
that lets you record and watch MOHAA Demos. It works like in other Q3

/record demoname


/playdemo demoname

Binding Record Keys:
Or you could just bind 2 keys of your choice in your unnamedsoldier.cfg file to make it really easy.
bind r "record"
bind s "stoprecord"

If you make more that one recording you will need to rename the file.

Or you could......
bind r "record 1"
bind p "record 2"
bind v "record 3"
etc, etc

Alternative Record Bind Option:
Bind one key only and take advantage of the automatic demo increment. This config will bind NUMPAD1 (kp_end) to toggle between record and stoprecord. Eg. the first demo saved will be demo0000.dm3 and when run again it uses demo0001.dm3. I couldn't find a way to let it use more useful names.

//create a config with the following contents
set record1 "record; set recordtoggle vstr record2" //first line of code
set record2 "stoprecord; set recordtoggle vstr record1" //second line of code (looped back to line 1 to repeat)

set recordtoggle "record; set recordtoggle vstr record2" //iterator that runs the code initially set with first line

bind kp_end "vstr recordtoggle" //bind a key to the iterator

This tutorial will teach you how to enable console, and create demo recordings.

To enable console
In order to bring down the console to type commands while in a game, the console must be enabled first...
Launch game, then navigate your way to your Medal of Honor war room.

1.) Go to options
2.) Click on Advanced
3.) Make sure the console box on the right has an X in it.

Click Apply

Console is now enabled.

How to Make a Demo for MOH:

When you're in a multiplayer game, you will need to open console, you can do this by pressing the ~ key, located left of the number 1, also shown here (http://img462.imageshack.us/img462/3973/kum04vd2.gif)

To make your first recording type /record video.

When you're reading to stop recording, type /stoprecord into console.

To watch the demo you have just recorded, go in-game, open console and type /playdemo video.

The demo file can be found here: Program Files\EA Games\MOHAA\Main\Demos folder

Extracted From:
GameSpace: http://forums.gamespace.net.au/tutorial_enable_console_and_record-t16984.html?s=06eb4fccb63118c210dae100640116f3&