View Full Version : Demo Guide for COD 1 & UO

08-30-2008, 11:35 AM
Just for reference, if you're playing CoD1/CoD:UO and have a demo you want to look at.

Download Seismovision3, use it to play your demo.
You can speed it up/slow it down.

CmD: /r_showtris 1 (1=on / 0=off)

That is what all them lines are. Them commands are built into the game and can be used on a cheat-enabled Server.
You can't use it on a regular demo viewing session in-game, but you can if you view demos using SeismoVision 3. You can then watch the video with and without r_showtris and see if there is a WH in use.

Also.. just something in response to BlackHawk.
If you play CoD:UO all weps or rifle only... people always pre-aim at the corner of walls. If you're experienced and you've seen someone, then took the flag or planted the bomb, you can guess what their movement will be and aim at the corner of the wall.
It's a bit mis-leading saying people that pre-aim corners are WH'ers :P I do it all the time, everyone does on CoD. (Yes these Servers stream and we don't hack 8) )

I guess it's fair to say... if someone pre-aims a corner to the exact edge, and shoots them the split second they come out from behind the wall/corner then it's most likely aimbot, especially if they fire just before they turn the corner, then its defo aimbot. But it's a close call, alot of people pre-aim, and alot of people are super fast :P Just need to look carefully with demos ;) ;)

Nice vids though guys, gr8 work, good insight for someone who doesn't play Helo 8)