View Full Version : Tina's Madness, Episode 2 - outline - 'tossed out'

05-17-2008, 11:23 PM
These are rough sketches of upcoming episodes... totally not worked out, just some rough ideas. Feel free to post any new ideas or add to what's here.

After last week's public fiasco somehow the Hacker's Collaborative was able to sneak a member into the TWL match which is about to start.
Hacker: "Yeah, we snuck in, we got tools, you know. We know what we're doing. This stuff is easy. We never get caught."
Tina: "So who's representing the Hackers Collaborative today?".
Hacker: "We've got CrackerHacker, he's fantastic and he's sure to win the match."
Tina: "He sounds impressive."
Hacker: "He is. He's got the Wallhack & Aimbot combo key bound with the extra glow hack interfaced with the scroll wheel, really rad."
Tina: "Okay."
Hacker: "He'll clean up the field and bring home the prize.:
Tina: "Well, sounds like something else. We have a new reporter, Steve, at today's matchup and they're just about to start. Lets take a look."
video of hacker being tossed from the match and building before it gets started... funny!

07-13-2009, 03:36 AM

can i ask smething?

how can i get wallhack

specialforce phil.????

07-13-2009, 10:48 AM
first of all I don't know why you'd post that question in this thread... seems like you're clueless with regards to how forums work.

second I'm not sure why you'd post that kind of question on HackHunters, if you knew what we do you'd again have to admit you are clueless.

third, hacking of any kind is deliberate abuse of people that are playing honestly, are you clueless about that too?

fourth, if you do find a hack to use, you'll find yourself banned, kicked out of clans and servers and basically shunned by everyone around you, are you clueless in this regards too?

fifth, getting a hack exposes your computer to trojans, virus, key-loggers and an assortment of other things that can make gaming impossible, let alone use your computer for anything else.

sixth, after you buy a hack and get banned, you'll want your money back... it'll never happen and you'll find yourself banned from the place you bought the hack.

considering the above, before you rush out and do something totally stupid, allow yourself to grow up and become less clueless. Obviously you think hacking would be fun but it's no fun when it's based on abusing others. Wise up before you get yourself in a world of trouble. Instead of the hacking route, practice on your skills and check out our tips and strategies to become a better player. That's definitely the route one should go if they want to have friends and people they can trust.