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09-13-2009, 06:06 PM

Let's say I cheated, was banned by PunkBuster and will obviously continue to play.

I can ask myself these questions: Either I play using the banned GUID on servers not streaming PB or, buy a new CD key at full price and not cheat again. Which one to choose?

Most will just continue to play, but on non-PB streaming servers... as the years go by more and more cheaters find themselves in this situation, which exposes them even deeper into the cheat culture and making a return back to the 'non-cheat' culture even harder.

A few will buy a new CD because they know that the best clans don't want cheaters and they want the feeling of belonging to a clan.

Whether you buy a CD or not, your decision is partly determined by the price of buying a new CD and the hassle of getting it, installing, uploading updates, maps and mods all over again.

Manufacturers certainly want the 'forced option of buying a new CD' and hence their general lack of interest in fully supporting AntiCheating efforts and going after Cheat developers.

All this brings me to a thought: What if EvenBalance would 'lift a ban under certain circumstances' in order to return a potentially life-long cheater back to the world of clean gaming?

Why? For the reason stated, and because EvenBalance doesn't financially gain when a cheater is forced to buy a new CD, knowing that they may lose the cheater to the cheat culture anyway. And, to reinforce the AntiCheat message 'that gaming is better and you'll be more accepted if you don't cheat/abuse others'.

I don't expect EvenBalance to start lifting bans, but the notion is sound although it certainly would ruff the feathers of those who want to hang individuals who have cheated in the past.

What are the 'lift a ban under certain circumstances'? Well, perhaps if it is a first offense, the cheater while appealing a ban could request reinstatement of their GUID under the conditions that they must play on PB enabled servers with the banned GUID in order to be monitored, i.e. if the GUID is used to cheat again they're banned, with the added penalty of automatically banning the next new GUID they register.

12-26-2009, 10:33 PM
How about.....throw them all in the I'm a Cheater Clan - (ISUK)

Then let them play only on an (ISUK) server. Then they can all play each other and the most prominent cheating winner can be the (ISUK) Clan leader.

The point being, I wonder how they all would like to only be able to play cheating bastids just like themselves!

12-28-2009, 06:21 PM
that is actually one of our goals...

we want to create a non-cheater list to counter the cheater ban lists that are out there. For very honest players which would tell clans a lot about who their playing against. Why? To corral more cheaters into an ever shrinking server list and like you said, make them play against each other.

Of course it would be a big task to achieve, but using several sources of information one could come up with a pretty solid list of gamers.

i like the isuk clan idea... ;D

12-29-2009, 08:48 PM
Most of the pay to use cheats now come with a function that allows the bots to play as a team. Even if they are physically on different teams. They wont shoot each other.

12-30-2009, 01:47 AM
That's interesting to hear... and I've seen 'couples' come on and suspect something like that. I wonder if stats would show that between a couple/few players that they never shoot each other?