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08-30-2009, 08:18 PM
Please list your clans Server Rules

Tonight I played on a server where running and walking wasn't allowed. Not talking about sprinting, but normal walking on a COD2 server. So essentially everyone had to crawl all the time, with the only exception allowed was to avoid a nade.

Definitely creates a more tactical experience with a simple change in the rules.

09-01-2009, 11:26 AM
Greenbean I went on a server the other week and it was where you had to crawel, I was told no running on the server. I have never been on a server where you have had to crawl only. I stayed on the server a few mins and then left, It probably was the same server Greenbean.

09-01-2009, 01:54 PM
good to see you Chrissy, I've been playing on a few COD2 servers but haven't seen ya, must be playing too late to meet up. Have a good one.

09-23-2009, 01:19 AM
The Firm Clan


Using a special realist mod for Call of Duty 2, this clan: The Firm, has a pretty good rule set to keep everything 'real' and fair.



Rules & Regulations

I. Hacking and Cheating
One of the worst offenses you can commit on the server is to cheat or hack. We at the The Firm do NOT tolerate hacking or cheating, EVER and neither should you! This form of gameplay just ruins the fun for everyone, even the cheaters. We enforce PunkBuster and if you are caught with illegal scripts, you will be instantly banned.

II. Global & Team Chat Spamming
Spamming words or phrases are a disruption to the other players on public servers. Anytime you are typing more than 1 sentence within a 5-10 second period could be considered spam. Respect other players by keeping the chat area clean of useless chatter.

III. Ledging and Glitching
Ledging is standing on the edge of a rooftop, window sill, or on a fence that a normal person couldn't do with a pack of gear on. This is generally not acceptable on most Tactical servers.

IV. Grenade Spamming
Indiscriminate throwing of grenades (i.e. nade spamming) is unacceptable behavior in Tactical Realism. Here are some examples of unacceptable and acceptable situations

Considered Spam.
~Tossing nading over buildings.
~Tossing nading over walls or hedges with no knowledge of an enemy present
~Nading Choke points at map start without any knowledge of an enemy present.
~Nading map locations based pre-existing knowledge of the map and no knowledge of enemy present.
~Deploying grenades where enemy presence is not known.

Not Considered Spam.
~Nading enemy initiated smoked areas.
~Using nades/specials to clear an immediate area of enemies/claymores.
~Nading over bushes or walls where enemy present is known.
~Room clearing, and Objective clearing (tossing nade prior to room entry)

V. Run and Gun
Run and Gun is considered when you fire your weapon without aiming down the sights. You must always try to aim down the sight when you fire your gun. The only weapon allowed to be used without aiming is the sniper. Simply put, firing from the hip is considered R&G.Players do get spooked from time to time and it happens just dont put yourself in that position by rushing and not clearing areas.

VI. Ghosting
Ghosting is spectating someone and giving away his position to an enemy that is still alive. You may call out the last known enemy position upon being killed but afterwards you are silent. The dead do not speak!

VII. 2nd Story Jumping
You are not allowed to jump out of a window or from a roof at height of a second story. This is not considered realistic in our gameplay. Jumping from a height that is too tall will reduce your health in-game. If this happens, you are 2nd Story Jumping.

VIII. Team Wounding & Team Killing
Shooting your team with the intent to reduce their health or purposely kill is strictly prohibited. All offenders will be instantly banned from the server! Do not take out revenge if this is done to you as you will be disciplined the same. Contact an admin to handle the situation at all times.

IX. Bunny Hopping
Bunny hopping is considered running around and jumping to avoid enemy fire. Unrealistic gameplay such as this will definitely cause yourself to be removed.

X. Recruiting
Please don't recruit on our server! Do not give out websites, xfires or emails, this can get you banned!

We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

09-24-2009, 07:59 PM
DOD Clan



1.BE MATURE:All clan members are to act in a mature manner. While wearing the {DoD} tags, you are not only representing yourself, but you are representing the entire clan. Childish and immature actions on your behalf can result in you being removed from the clan and being banned from the server.

2.NO CHEATING:Any cheating by a member will result in your immediate discharge (with evidence), and banning from the server, website and forums,and turned into pbbans

3.DUEL CLANNING:If you are a {DoD} you can not be a member of any other clan. If you are caught doing so you will be immediately discharged.

4.CONDUCT:All players on the server are not to use excessively foul or disrespectful language. Anyone caught doing so will be warned only once. Occurrences after that can result in being kicked and may be banned from the server and forum. And any player using racist comments, abuse of any kind to someone because of their ***, origin and religious beliefs will be banned. Members are encouraged to speak out when they themselves are victims of bad attitudes and abuse. Bad sportsmanship is also frowned upon here.

5.ACTIVITY:We know it is hard to stay active in servers and forums when real life gets in the way. We just ask that you try to stay as active as possible. If you are going to be away or are having personal issues let us know. This clan is more of a family then anything.

6.NO RECRUITING:Do not recruit on our server or in our forum. We will find out.

7.ISSUES:If you have a problem with a member of {DoD} or a {DoD} Admin please post about it in the forums or PM JerseyDevil the founder of the clan. It will be dealt with properly.

9.WHAT CAN YOU DO:Always help out clan members and guests to the best of your ability. One day you may need help. Clan donations are accepted and appreciated, there is a Paypal donation button on the main site page. Everything and anything will help.

09-24-2009, 08:04 PM
[CELTS] Clan


Server rules:

* 1. You must not use abusive, racist and discriminating language. Violations against this rule will result in a ban.

2. You must not spam the ingame messageboard. If you want to talk with somebody use xfire, Msn, ICQ or anything else.
Since there is the possibility to create key bindings, we will not forbid to use them. But please use them in an appropriate way.

3. You must not camp. Campers are..
- Players that sit and wait for the enemy to come to them.
- Players that stay in a certain area for the whole round.
- Players that go back to their spot after a kill.

4. You are allowed to "camp" if you are a sniper.
That means you have to use a sniperrifle as they are classified in the game. Any singleshot weapon with ACOG is not a sniperrifle and so is any other weapon, which is not classified as a sniperrifle according to the game.

5. You must not "Spawnrape". That means sitting in one spot from which you can see one or more of the opponent's spawn point and kill them right away. This will not be tolerated. You will get one warning, if you don't stop it then you will get a ban.

6. You are not allowed to "Wallspam". If you know, thanks to UAV, that an opponent is behind a wall, or that you saw him running there, then shoot him through the wall if possible. But you must not use an LMG and spray every wall you see in hope to get a kill. You will get 3 warnings for this rulebreak, if you don't stop after the 3rd then you will get banned from our server.

7. You must not hack, cheat or glitch*. We will find hackers/cheaters, record them, ban them from our servers and submit them to PunkbusterBans. The result is a global ban.
A glitcher will be warned one time, if he/she does not stop it he/she will be banned from the server.

Non-sniping Campers will be permanently banned.

All Rules are open to interpretation by Administrators. Not by members.

We reserve the right to change any rules at any time.

The [CeltS] Admin-Team

*Definition of glitching:

Glitching is a form of cheating, but not considered 'using' a cheat or another software program to allow you to cheat. But glitchers use false progamming in the map to get an advantage to other players. This is unfair and will be treated as a cheat/hack.

10-01-2009, 09:46 AM
From: http://www.warishellgaming.com

- No kiddie porn, hardcore porn, racial or generally tasteless sprays. (Admins will decide what is tasteless). Zero tolerance.
- No racial comments. None what-so-ever.
- No excessive foul language.
- No tk'ing under any circumstances. This includes retaliatory tk's. If you witness an intentional tk, inform an admin in the game or on TeamSpeak.
- No team-wounding.
- No abusing other players.
- No clan recruiting on server. We have a Recruiting forum for that.
- No using cheats and/or exploits. Also no discussing them in-game or on forums.
- No hacking.
- No disrespecting an Admin.

03-02-2010, 02:33 PM
Here's one i thought good from TOC (The Other Crew clan):

7. NOOBs – We were all new to this game once, and we welcome the new players on our server. Those who criticize players for their shortcomings may not find themselves on the kick list initially, but you open yourself up for a world of hurt in the eyes of the [-TOC-]. We were all new at some point and know what it’s like to be complained about because of lack of skill. [-TOC-] will gladly give the NOOBs advice and the respect that they deserve. If you have any questions about anything in the game please feel free to ask, we do not look down on those who are inexperienced.

Source: http://www.toctheothercrew.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=6