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SPSC [color=#7B9A23]LESSON 4


Like it is the case for majority of our sections, it is surprising to see all the precious information people can find in HH forum. By the way, anyone interested by the technical side will be surprised by the incredible number of very useful free tools we were able to find and put links in our COMPUTER TECH HELP section since the beginning of HH. Everyone around is working hard but at least the results are there! ;)

SP (Speed Performance)

Recently we had to help a lot of people who needed support because they were having lag issue. Also, we were asked often since the beginning of HH about what is the best type of connection inside the house between wireless and hardwire. So we will start by saying this. If you are not using a laptop and you have no particular reason to not use a wired connection from your PC to your router (in your house or appartment), the best is to go for the wired connection.

With that said, because we received many requests about that subject, now will see what can cause ping / lag issue and what are the tools that could help you to locate the problem(s). Normally the biggest reason to explain the delay is the distance between the game server and the PC's user. But it is far to be as simple than that because numerous other reasons can be part of the problem.


CPU speed
Lack of memory
The graphic settings
Your graphic card
Traffic on the netwok (will vary depends time of day)
Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) type of service
Kind of connection
Your personal LAN speed if you have a router
The number of programs running on your PC while you are playing
Auto-update programs running all the time in your back
Your security tools and their settings
Useless processes running
How many people in the house connected to the same router are surfing or playing at the same time. (That Included also any game console connnected to the router.)


[size=10pt]We will now continue with a little introduction about game server.

Imagine the game server is like a post-office. In this post-office, they have some postmen doing 2 jobs. Like they have to do for any of the clients, their job is to deliver the mail the clients receive and they must also bring back the mail you want to send to the post-office.

You can be sure whatever the distance between your house and the post-office is always the same, it is clear the delay will always vary depending the number of clients and the distance between each of them and the post-office for the final service you will get.

To have a complete overview of the situation, we have also to compared the different gamers PC / hardware / LAN to the speed at which every of the clients will answer the door to receive and send mail when the postmen knock at their door. Last but not least, it is clear the postmen can not fly. ;D That is why the path to go to the different house is never a straight line (like it is the case for a real network).

In the post-office (the game server), the boss have to manage the clients priority and take decision depending which mail was received first but also the importance of the mail. (For example, a headshot is doing more damage than a legshot). Now, imagine the problem when information are arriving at the same time? That is why sometimes a fight between two or more players have a curious and not necessarily fair ending.


Okay, back to realty and we will now give you a quick overview of four free tools that can really help you to find why / where you have problems.

IP locator
Trace Route


In some cases of intermittent connection problems, the IP of the user may change occasionnaly. If you ever had to deal with a situation like: "Your name" There is already someone playing with that name, you have 60 seconds to change your name or you'll be banned it is not 100% sure it was an impersonator case.

If you were logged with your usual name and playing since a long time than you have seen that message about your name and you were the one kicked or banned it was probably not an impersonator case but a problem caused by an intermittent connection. (Possible causes: Defective Ethernet card, loose connection, damaged wire, defective router, ISP installation, ...) Worst case keep in mind it could also come from your ISP provider network. For example, if you noticed you have problems mostly when there is wind outside the problem can be a good clue. When the wire is moving because the wind the contact is intermittent.

To resume the situation, that means because the IP change, the server detects a second player having the same name and generate an auto message. If you have to deal with that kind of problem ocasionnally, it might be a good thing to check if your IP change often. If it is the case it could be a good indicator you have connection problem.

Click Here >>> My IP address & My IP address locator (http://www.ip-adress.com/ipaddresstolocation/)

IP locator

The IP locator may help you to know where a game server is located or where a player is living. It is clear wherever you live, the best to have a good ping is always to find a server in your area. With an IP locator, you can get easily that information just by entering the server IP in the box.

The other advantage of the IP locator when you are in a Clan is you can have an idea of the area where a player is living. For example, one day a Clan member or a regular guest playing on your server is making trouble and you are not sure about what to do. The big advantage using an IP locator is you can find where that player is living. For example, if you know the real player is living in Chiles and the actual player making trouble is living in Canada, you will know easily it is an impersonator case and you can ban that IP (or IP range) as soon as possible.

If your clan has also a site and you have some rights on your forum, you will be able to see what was the IP when the user registered. Of course maybe the IP is no more the same but at least you will have a clue concerning where he lives.

You will not get the personal information about the user but at least the IP locator will also gives you the info about the user's ISP (Internet Service Provider). So in case of very serious problem, you can send a mail with a SS to the ISP with IP of the problematic person. utrace is a tool similar than the one we gave the link before so you have the choice.

Click Here >>> utrace (http://en.utrace.de/)


The big advantage to know a ping value is because it shows you how long it takes for packets to reach a host. It is possible to send a ping request by entering a simple command in the command box.

You have simply to open the run box and type command than enter.

After that it is as simple as writing:

ping "IP of the server" and press enter.

Ex: ping

It is very simple to do but of course you can also use a tool available on the NET to do the same.


A traceroute is a computer network tool used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network. The useful part is because that shows you the route over the network and giving you also a listing of all the intermediate routers the connection must pass through to get to its destination. So if you have problems it can help you to find where the problem is coming from.

The reason why the traceroute is useful is because it gives you the route with the number of hops and the delay for each of them. By the way, it is not a bad thing to make the test a few times to check if the results are always similar.

Click Here >>> IPAddressGuide (http://www.ipaddressguide.com)

The fact is if you get a very good delay when pinging a server or with the traceroute with this specific server but your ping in the game is always very when playing on that server, this is probably a sign one or some of your item(s) from the long list we gave you above could be the explanation of this extra delay.

Be sure in one of our future lesson, we will see more in depth the ping and the trace route.


SC (Security Center)


In the SP section, we said the best type of connection from a PC to a router is generally the wired connection. A very important thing if you use wireless, please do not neglect the security of your LAN. It is surpring to see how many people wait for problems before being more careful. Three of the most common cases are:

The LAN is not passworded
The owner gave the password to someone for a special occasion like a friend or a classmate who brought his laptop at his house
One of the kids talked too much or was fooled by someone and gave him the password.


Okay this time we will go with basic information about how to prevent and deal with security problems. By the way, this could also save your life if you have to deal with any HD (Hard Disk) failure.

First of all, you should do regular backup of all your important and personal files. Since two years the prices dropped seriously and the price for an external HD is now very reasonnable and you can easily find a good brand 500Go HD for less than 100$.

Most of the time they are far to be free but serious HD tools (like Acronis True Image) are creating an exact copy of your HD and allowing you to instantly restore the entire machine if necessary. That means whatever you need to reformat your HD or you have to buy a new one (because the problem is hardware), you will be back on track very quickly.


A lot of people are ready to pay 40$ - 50$ for a new videogame but unfortunately when it is time to protect their PC they do not really care about the real effectiveness of the tool they found as long as it was free. If you are not an experimented user, you should always take the time to read reviews or ask friends before installing a product you do not know. The problem is majority of the developpers are promoting their products by telling the whole world their tool is the best on the planet so you can not trust those publicity to be sure you really made a good choice.

Some free security tools are real good and doing definitively a job over the average but it is not the case for all and the final result may vary depending if you are a careful user or not when you surf and download files on the NET. Also it is important to keep in mind the majority of the free tools have no customers support included. Also, they do not have all update frequency regular enough to offer a serious protection against the recent threats.

All that to say depending your level of knowledge, if you are not familiar with PC maintenance and you have noone around to give you a hand maybe the best would be to go with a product you have to pay for.

It is not something new but the fact is some developpers are now offering Total Protection products for 3 user including generally anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, firewall, parental controls and identity protection for a price similar than 1 user Edition.

Of course the regular price is really too high but when you check regularly and wait for great deals, it is easy to find these products for something like 30$ for a 3 user edition so that means 10$ / PC for one year protection. It is better to ask before but generally it is not so complicated to find other people like friends or family ready to pay a so low price and share the 3 user license with you.


Tip of the month

We are middle of summer so we did not want to bother you with something long or complicated so our tip of the month is simply to give you the Microsoft link for all the Keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

Take a look and why not take the time to learn some of them. It can be very useful and save you time if you have to repeat often the same operation.

Click Here >>> Keyboard shortcuts for Windows (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/126449)


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