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07-28-2009, 11:25 AM
Well you may of never considered this one before, but I know that many very good players do it, that is, they find the absolute center of their monitor and, taking a felt tip marker put a dot on their screen. What does this do? It in effect provides a 'cross hair' point in which they can orientate their weapon. Many games already have an implied cross-hair so there's no point in using this, but in some this isn't the case.

How do I know it is done? I've heard it referred to in chat and by people who's score is always on the higher side of the score board.

You might wonder why I mention it, well because I know it is used by those who typically have extremely high scores while at the same time I witness countless 'noobs' (only because they don't know the trick) get cut down over and over. So the question is, do you consider drawing on your own personal monitor a mark to indicate a cross-hair a cheat?

07-28-2009, 11:49 AM
Cheating is having a unfair advantage on your co players which is why I say its a cheat, but obviously not bannable xD.

On the other hand, anyone can think about this and do it themselfs so it's more like a "choice" that you can make, still I think its a dirty one, as some games give the option to have "no crosshairs" because the server owner wants the game realistic (that would be me, hardcore cod4 ect.) so thats when unfair & cheat comes into place.

So other words: Its cheating but not bannable

09-18-2009, 12:28 AM
it's pretty obvious when people do it, or they have a cross-hairs.

my point was to actually point out to those gamers who are getting crushed all the time by so called 'skilled' players, who I've heard discussing adding the 'dot' to their monitors and joking about it. that's not fair.... and I consider it to be pervasive among skilled players of certain clans who take advantage of too many on a daily basis...

I think ArmA 2 and FlashPoint: Dragon Rising actually move the gun around when you're running/walking, unlike COD where you can run, jump, lean and squat, all without the gun moving off it's target which is not too realistic in my book, but does have added pop-culture game value.

Instead of the dot, one could use this:


10-07-2009, 12:06 AM
Personally to me, i wouldn't classify it as a cheat. Nor should anyone else.

Cheat: any alteration of the official game code and associated files or any use of a program that is meant to alter the behavior of the game in a way that either gives an advantage to players using it or gives a disadvantage to players not using it.

For example. Would you call a competitive player a cheater because he decides to use a custom config that increases his FPS, which lowers his lag and ping? Such as the yitch config?

A player using the red dot, is not editing a file not meant to be edited. Such as a EXE file or a file that keeps your rank documented.

10-07-2009, 12:41 AM
Problem of that rule is that it also allows people to create a third party software that just shows a red dot in screen.
That doesn't require altering any game code, it's just a "overlay" using a second program.

So do you class this a cheat or not?

You get where I'm heading too?

Second example,

I can create a config that allows me to LAG when I want to, it's a just a little config trick, and doesn't alter any game code, still it's a cheat because it gives a unfair advantage.

Thats the rule I use to some extend, when does someone create a unfair advantage for someone else. Creating a red dot on the screen, software side or with a piece of paper, it's both cheating.

10-07-2009, 01:15 AM
In most new games out these days, the game developers have come out with the gun moving or it being inaccurate when the scope is down. Unless your very close. So marking the center of your screen is wouldn't ideally be cheating, because when your scope is down, your bullet may shoot a little left or right of the center of the screen or more towards the top left or bottom right. When the scope is up, what is the difference?

10-07-2009, 01:33 AM
You beat me to the post Moreno... had to add a paragraph to respond. ;)
Even for a sniper, they can align their sniper rifle on a target and then quickly scope and shoot. That's the advantage... very fast kills and an ability to keep the scope down so they can remain alert to their surroundings and other targets of opportunity...

I'm beginning to lean towards BlackHawk on this one for the following reason: there are undetectable cheats out there... if one reviews a demo with the goal of detecting any potential cheats (like PBBans does) to make a ban, and a sniper seems to be able to align his rifle exactly where he then zooms in with the scope (even at great distances), it might be reasonable to say he has a cross-hairs cheat. Now he may not based on what's in this post, but ultimately it acts in the same way a cross-hairs cheat and obviously creates an unfair advantage to other gamers.

What I don't like about the applied red dot to the glass of one's monitor is, that people who use it are essentially cheating (altering the game's visual tools by adding your own personal 'tool', no matter what form it comes in) but thinking that it's okay since PB doesn't detect it and nobody is the wiser. It is really not okay to take advantage of other people, no matter how it's done.

Perhaps this problem should reflect itself in the way weapons move and how one is able to aim them, like you suggest with ArmAII and Flashpoint:DR... I was even thinking, when someone actually aims down a rifle, their head tilts towards their own shoulder... i think this would be a great tool to bring more reality into the game. I noticed right away the stiffness of MW2 trailers and how the weapon is always 'stuck' in one absolute position not matter what you're jumping over, or how you're moving.

12-26-2009, 12:29 AM
Most games can counter this alittle. In any shooter game, the gun sways, this makes it alittle unpredictable on where the bullet is to travel. Its not the best but it works. The overlay program as stated above is the same thing. Personally its not really an unfair advantage.

Forcing lag is also not cheating as it is quite easy to counter. Lead the target.

12-26-2009, 10:08 PM
Putting in my 2c if you have to open a config file of any kind and make changes or use any type of overlay program.....your cheating! >:(
Putting a dot on your screen, well, that's just funny. ???

01-09-2010, 08:28 PM
what's funny is that the two do the same thing, but one you can get a ban and the other is 'almost' undetectable.

If you've seen enough demos and spec'd enough you can tell that a player is using something, one or the other. But don't mistake someone who's trying to keep their gun horizontal and in the direction of potential fire to someone who has a dot.

The best way to tell is... does the person have a knack for aiming at a distant window or door opening with the scope down, and when they scope their gun is in perfect position for a kill, and they consistently do this over and over? And it's not sort of close but spot on where a target might reveal themselves.

04-05-2010, 03:10 AM
Depends. I really don't count it as a cheat

05-25-2010, 09:12 AM
Just my opinion but, no i dont think thats a cheat.
I do think that it is not good for the newer style monitors because you have to at some point remove that glue that is going to dry there, so they may end up messing their nice monitor up.
Morally you may be able to make an issue of this, and i will tell you now i dont do this and would not do this for the above reason, & that it is just not necessary.
To tell you the truth i dont even see the value in this, all the games i play look so pleasing that i dont want to see some dot fn'up the cool azz graphics. stickin out like a sore thumb lol
And i totally agree with Crush on this.. 8)