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05-17-2008, 10:18 PM
Hackers Collaborative vs the Grannies of Destruction



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In HackHunters premiere episode of Tina's Madness, Tina interviews a Hackers Collaborative Clan member while his teammate HC goes up against the Grannies of Destruction (GOD) during a special gaming matchup between the two.

Our mission with Tina's Madness is to alert people as to the ramifications of their actions, like embarrassment.

As you may be aware, many cheaters find new cheats by going to YouTube, we hope that be posting our videos with similar tags, maybe we can get some of these people to change their attitude. Please add comments and ratings as this will boost the visibility of our videos.

06-06-2008, 08:53 AM
Background for this episode:
Well, let's start with GOD... better know in this episode as Grannies of Destruction. It is a small reference to the Girlz of Destruction (http://www.girlzdestruct.com/) which is a great all female gaming group with an impressive record. Not to say they'll be gaming when they're grandma's, but if they do, I bet they'll be as tough as the 4 grannies in this episode. And as this punk found out, you should never be over confident and arrogant because you'll get your pride kicked.

Many times we won't have actual footage of a real cheater. This is why we have a guest cheater that will explain to us what's going on off camera.
In our premiere episode we have Mark, a hacker who is going to give a description of the 'Match' and at first he's ready to go... concentrating, waiting for his moment, and there it is and... there it goes... :) as he realises that 'the plans' have gone astray. Lesson here, if you're a cheat, you're going to get embarrassed one day and you'll be running away with your tail between your legs.

Jerry, the 'In the Field' reporter is a pretty relaxed fellow, until he see's what develops in front of his eyes. You'll see in up coming episodes that Tina's keeps loosing their 'In the Field' reporters as they generally loose it. You can find out more about this real audio clip here: http://www.snopes.com/autos/mishaps/beating.asp as this unknown person named Michael Childs (as far as I'm concerned) relayed unfolding events over a cell phone while leaving a message for someone named Mark. He sounds like a contractor to me. I think he represents a 'quality American' for seeing things as they are.

The Producer's (voice background) got his hands full trying to keep the show on track, keep Tina content, and making it all come together, no matter how chaotic.

Tina is great... she's a 'controlled' individual, perfectly groomed and has a very scheduled life, who can easily become overwhelmed by real life, but she's a great reporter who might need a moment to regain her composure (hence the commercial). She's easily impressed by the lighting effects and doesn't appreciate the staff applauding during her show. She wants to be taken serious and conducts serious interviews but things always seem to get out of hand. At the end when she thinks she's off-air, she practices her pronunciation of a word that SitePal character couldn't render well, which is perfect for her character.

Without SitePal, we would not be able to animate characters and make them speak. With SitePal you can simply type in the text and the character speaks it... what a great tool. Go to our links page to link to SitePal, which gives us credit. BTW, we might use sitepal characters on our website to help introduce some topics.

If you want to make a video like Tina's Madness, you can title it ______________ Madness. HackHunters reserves the name Tina's Madness for consistency of programming and message.