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06-19-2009, 02:49 AM
Hello everybody

-HH- will now post ratings for each game in a general thread regarding that very game. The ratings will be on a scale from 0/100 to 100/100, wheras 100/100 means that this game is perfect.

Points will be given for: (They will be on a scale from 0-10.)
1) Graphics. The better the graphics, the better the score. Obv only applicable on the highest Graphics and on a computer that can handle it.
2) Bugs. The more bugs, the lower the score. The worse the bugs, the lower the score.
3) Menu layout. The easier the menu is to use, the more points are awarded.
4) Gameability. Points are awarded for realism (teamwork, training, wound healing, upgrades, character development and hit damage all 5/5) , for gaming fun (10/10) and replayability (if you can play it often, 10/10) *
5) Sound. Good sound earns you points.
6) Critique rating. Anything else that hasn't been adressed in the above will be expressed here. If there is nothing t o critisize, 10/10 are awarded.

* Note: Realism only applies for more or less realistic games like AA and BF2. In games like Half Life, realism is exchanged for originality. Have we had this before or not? Is it just a remake?

06-19-2009, 10:46 AM
Nice idea...

I will be moving the game trailer info to each particular game's thread as well, when the game goes live so combining the two might be a good idea, see the trailer, read info and then get our rating for the game.