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06-18-2009, 08:42 PM
As some of you probally know, there is such a script in COD4 and on, that crashes a server exploiting the variable "va()"

If you dont know, the script is quite simple.

(edit: deleted command since we don't actually want people to try it out on a server)

(edit: it adds characters...) till theres over 1024 characters.

The vunerability was added by IW in COD2 but was later solved by the gaming comunity (NOT IW). va() is the command variable. It makes server commands from commands like /map. THe limit before COD2 was 32000 characters. In COD2 it was changed to 1024 characters for no reason. To cover 1025+ characters in it, they added an anti_overflow system to it. Anytime the system is triggered, an immediate Game Shutdown command is issued. The players and the server get the error "Overflow in va()"

No AC can do anything since the person that issues the command just needs a millisecond to issue the command. PB and all of them require the person to be on for a few seconds.

What I thought would be nice for HH to have is such a program/batch file, that reads the console log (since all connections are written there and the error, and when it reads the error, it closes the server and restarts it and also gives a list of the last 5 connections (cause these guys dont like to sit around, they crash hundreds of servers a day)

HH having the first ever fix for COD4 and maybe COD5 would probally get HH some free advertisement. If you need some info like a snippet of a console log or what the error reads, I may be able to get you it.

06-19-2009, 11:55 AM
nice idea, certainly sounds like it would be useful

06-20-2009, 10:16 AM
nice idea, certainly sounds like it would be useful

Thanks mate for the edits. I just wanted to tell the full story and got alittle caught up and forgot.

I think we could expand this abit more by doing ANY game server crash. After examining A2Gamin logs, Im seeing that any server crash or shutdown result in 1 line always. "---Game Shutdown---"

Just have it look for that and immediately restart it.