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05-21-2009, 10:03 AM
We are changing a few things with our YouTube channels of which there are 3 categories: Humor, Gaming Film Fun and Trailers.

The Trailers category is to help draw people to HackHunters and in one day has showed a bit of promise in doing so. You'll find I'm creating HD trailers which takes a bit of time. I'm also uploading some old trailers to create a library of info so be patient as eventually we'll only post new releases. Eventually I will be using these trailers we've uploaded in our Game Source to help increase the hits. Rate them and point out any corrections that need to be made. Thanks


I changed our Machinima category to something a bit more generic called Gaming Film Fun. It's an open category for anyone who has any idea using gaming, animation or any other computer generated media to tell a story or make a point of any kind, which is a bit different than our Humor category which is purely for laughs.
If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, sorry for all the uploads, but it'll hopefully be over soon. peace.

check it out; http://www.youtube.com/hackhunters

oh, one more thing, apparently Viacom doesn't want us to show their trailers for some of their games like Wolfenstein, yet I've seen trailers for Wolfenstein on YouTube, anyone know what we can do to show their trailers? Thanks.
if you have a video idea you want to make and 'give to HackHunters' please feel free. It takes time to make a vid but every entry helps us grow. You'll get all credit and you can of course load it to your own channel as well as link to your channel with it. It has to be 'clean' language wise and if you're clever that in itself can be a running joke of your vid.

Clean language... there are a couple of ways to 'block' the use of language. Obviously you can just not use it (be creative and show you know more than just 4 letter words), or you could time very loud noises coming from the background at 'appropriate moments'. You could also use silly expressions that cause everyone to look at the person saying it which in effect is saying that: instead of using 'shocking language' one uses language that is shocking for it's oddness and child-like quality given the situation.

09-03-2009, 03:09 PM
Update, some of the YouTube trailers are getting over 4,000 hits. Not bad and certainly something for us to consider as a drawl to HH.

Also, do you like the new video format on the home page? just click on the image to link to a full screen video (the one on the home page of course).