View Full Version : How I fooled a couple of muggers in Italy

05-05-2009, 02:52 PM
I was going architecture crazy in Rome one trip and was photographing everything in sight. The day had passed, it was getting dark and my camera needed a new roll, so I placed my camera bag on the ground (in the days were you had film, lenses, etc) to load in a new roll. Well, being the 'aware guy' that I am I knew that I was in a vunerable position as I couldn't really see what was going on around me.

So casually looking around, acting as if I wanted to see where to go next, or what to photograph next, I notice a guy standing about 20 yards (15 meters) away with a body language that was directed towards me (I didn't actually look at him, but only peripherally). In Rome during that time you could easily pick out people by how they dressed, especially gypsy's so I knew this guy was up to no good, anyway I finished packing my camera bag and was figuring what I should do to avoid him. By the time I was packed, with my peripheral vision I noticed a second person talking to the first and with their body language again I could tell they were definitely referring to me. Okay, 2 grown guys was going to be a challenge.

Now, I was in a plaza like area and there were enough people around, but I figured these two would hit and grab, and run off with my camera stuff. I couldn't just keep walking around Rome or they'd be sure to follow. What to do?

I decided to kind of walk past them, about 15 yards away, and act totally unaware of them... further more, I decided to walk towards a dark and deserted alley... a perfect place for a mugging.

Why would I do that? Can you guess?

Well acting like the photographer, looking side to side around at all the buildings I could tell that the two, through my peripheral vision, were indeed following me. The game was on! They must of been like 'alright, he's going right were it'll be easy to mug this tourist, this'll be a breeze'....

As I approached the entrance to the alley, I changed direction to the right and once again walked past them (15 yards away) and still not 'noticing them'. At this time they stopped walking and were looking at me in a 'curious way' trying to figure out were I was going next, certainly feeling a bit disappointed I didn't go down the alley. That was my last confirmation that they were indeed following me.

After walking about 40 yards, (30 meters) I stopped, turned around and stared directly at them... changing what was their perception that I was an easy tourist target into someone that was obviously street wise... you should of seem them scramble, actually turning and bumping into each other ;D ;D ;D lol, real laurel and hardy moment...

(no, I'm not that old, but watching oldies can be fun)

man, I could tell I just made them feel like total idiots, and with that, they left down the dark alley to 'make their escape'.


05-27-2009, 11:37 AM
;D Nice one bean, I would've done smth like that as well ;D great job lol .