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05-04-2009, 11:26 AM
Interested in hearing this story?

It's not about a 'rumble', it's about recognizing a situation and dealing with it, so you can move on with your life...

So, my then girlfriend and I jump on the 'A' train heading to a show. We were pretty 'up' and excited to get into the city and were having a good time. Of course, that made us appear like tourists but being two NYC savvy people that didn't bother us. Still, one needs to acknowledge that tourists can be targets for muggings cause they're easy to confuse, they'll be leaving the city soon (no witness to run into in the future) and they carry money. Well like I said we got on the train heading uptown and found a seat (a small miracle) facing a group of about 8 young adults who were dressed 'in an interesting way'.

At first we didn't give it a second thought and started talking to one another, but then one guy whispered something to this huge guy while looking at us. The big guy, a body builder type, proceeded to walk down the aisle towards us. My wife and I immediately recognized something was up.

What would you do? Look away and try to ignore the situation? Get up quickly to move somewhere else? Seek help from others?

Well, my gf, who grew up in NYC stared directly at the 'big guy' without blinking. By this time the entire car had fell silent. Now I knew the big guy was only following directions from the leader, which is who I stared at... without looking like a deer in headlights, figuring if the big guy was going to confront us I'd push him over and go after the leader, and I wanted to make sure the leader knew that he was my target. The 'big guy' proceeded to walk past us to pretend to look at a map behind our seats. I figured they would wait until the train approached the next stop, to mug us and then jump off. All this time my gf was still staring at this guy and I staring at the leader. Then came the moment of truth, as the train started to approach the next platform, the big guy started to walk back down the aisle past us, looking at the leader for approval. The leader looked 'casually' up at him and nodded 'no'. The train stopped and all 8 of them got off the train. A sigh of relief filled the train and me and my brave gf enjoyed the rest of our evening in NYC.

Alertness can be your best ally. A willingness to not look someone directly in the eye can show weakness and vulnerability. (Websters: Vulnerability: susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm).

05-04-2009, 12:36 PM
Great story GB. They were looking for a victim and you guys didn't make yourselves one, great job in standing your ground