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05-03-2009, 11:31 PM
Okay, lets start this off right, or close to it perhaps, with a little experience I had while riding a New York City Subway train.

It was rush hour, mid-winter and I was definitely ready to get home after a long day at work. Jumped on the 5 train going to Brooklyn. The train, as you might expect during rush hour, was packed and I was just able to squeeze on as the doors closed. There were a couple of other people behind me, a woman holding a shopping bag and someone else ;), whatever.

Once the train started moving, a man began to play a guitar in front of me and everyone looked on and listened. He wasn't bad at all. As the train picked up speed going under the East River, it began to shake and make extra noise, that's when I noticed what felt like the bottom of my jacket being 'lifted'. 'Darn' I thought to myself (tho I didn't say darn), 'someone is trying to pick pocket my wallet'. 'What should I do?' The train was packed, there were women and children standing in and around, I couldn't just punch the guy and cause a rumble.... hmmm.

What would you do?

Okay, I knew if I did nothing, he'd probably just lift my wallet, not going to happen. So I decided to 'freak him out' by slowly, and I mean extremely slowly, rotating around 'the long way' until I was face to face with him. Then I would stopped, which I did, squarely nose to nose... it must of taken 15 seconds to reach him.

By the time I reached his face, no more than 3 inches away, the lady with the bag was ready to jump over the rail, and, the pick pocket guy was apparently trying to make his body melt through the door. He nerviously said "I'm getting off at the next stop", which he did falling backward, landing on his maximus. lol. As the door closed I mentioned to the lady that he tried to lift my wallet and she said he tried to get stuff from her bag. Well, I suspect Mr. PickPocket called it a night after that.

Turning around I noticed the guitar players eyes fixed on me and they were pretty big themselves. Perhaps they were working together.

Now that's LIFE.

If you liked that one of foiling a criminal, I have a few others I could share.