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04-23-2009, 12:35 PM
Shmell Shock

You thought you knew the history of WWII. Well, did you know the allies had a secret weapon of it's own?
As Nations were brutally torn apart and fear spread throughout the World, one man, an individual onto himself, would be called upon to change the course of History and save humanity from the aggressive forces of evil.
Commedy. Music: COD2.



This is a vid I made before HackHunters using Call of Duty 2 as the platform for the story. And, it is a real story. It's just a twisted story that redefines how WWII was won... it's a pretty funny concept, but considering my limited abilities at the time (and now) it's now perfect, but certainly delivers the message.... oh, and I love Coventry, so no offense, k?

And remember, when you're outside this summer, watch out for that HEAVY AIR!

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