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05-30-2008, 12:18 AM
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NOTICE: UNITED ADMINS up and running good as new, Summer 2009.

UnitedAdmins (http://www.unitedadmins.com/) is an independent Non-Profit making organisation for game server administrators. We provide information, resources, support, products and documentation for admins as well as working with game developers to highlight the issues of admins. We also provide an open forum where admins can discuss their problems and/or suggest improvements to our products.


Half-Life Series
Battlefield Series
Call of Duty
Quake Series
Medal of Honor Series
Unreal Tournament Series
Miscellaneous Games

Our Mission

To grow our current community of admins and developers into an official, non-profit making organisation. By working together with other organisations we strive to improve the services we provide while consulting our staff and the community we support to provide optimal solutions.

Our Community

UnitedAdmins has become a community in its own right, we are proud to provide the following services:
Forums - This is an information packed resource and collaboration tool that allows admins to participate in discussions, search for possible solutions, state their problems and provide feedback on UA products.

IRC - By partnering with the GamesNet IRC Network, UA has established channels covering all manner of topics enabling admins and addon developers to collaborate with one another in real-time discussions.

Cheat Prevention - UnitedAdmins has been involved in cheat detection since its inception. Cheating-Death brings a new direction to our efforts against cheats by blocking cheats and preventing their use, rather than punishing users for cheating.

Enhanced Statistics - A vast variety of information is provided in-game by StatsMe. It supports multiple Half-Life mods and provides players with comprehensive information on their performance and that of their opponents.

Server Administration - Advanced game server administration is made accessible to all admins through ClanMod. Intuitive in-game menus allow complex management operations to be completed easily and are complemented by a feature rich interface.

Forward Thinking - It's over 4 years since Half-Life was released, and while its mods still enjoy considerable popularity this cannot be expected to continue indefinitely. In response to the future requirements of admins we have initiated the TITAN Project in collaboration with other leading groups in the addon development community. TITAN is an open framework designed to bring a common API to multiple game engines, with support for multiple servers, multiple programming languages and plugin-to-plugin interaction.

Check their website for changes and updates.


05-30-2008, 04:46 AM
Note that this community has been inactive for a nearly a year,
You dont get direct support, though there is still alot of useful information on there forum.

So be sure to visit there website!

08-05-2009, 02:33 PM
United Admins has a new format... be sure to check it out and say hello.


[UA] Wiki updated
Posted : Jul 31 2009 04:08 Comments ยป

Hello everyone.

I've got some time and updated and cleaned the wiki.

It is more "organized" yet, but not overall finished.

This is where you will come in and can take part. Jump over to the wiki and help to make the first stop about game server information.

If you run a gameserver, it doesn't care which one, you can write about it there.

If you are unsure you can use the Wiki Sandbox first. There others will help you to make the final and killer wiki artikle.

So don't be shy, can contribute.

Banana and the UA Team.