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02-26-2009, 11:45 AM
If you hear of any game related job opening, please at least post a link if not the whole description, so everyone can check them out.


02-26-2009, 11:47 AM

Gamefire is opening it's doors to staff opportunities! Come join the professionals in game/eSports broadcasting. Gamefire is the world's leading competitor in video game broadcasting and production technologies. Delivering a consistent excellence in both quality gaming entertainment and professionalism, Gamefire seeks to uphold it's motto "Gaming for Gamers" by hiring likewise individuals.

Gamefire only hires serious individuals willing to cast at least two matches per week. We use the industries top technology and personalities to produce a product that not only enhances but expands the gaming industry. Gamefire is known for it's innovative technologies that set standards among the video game broadcasting industry. If you would like to be part of a staff that is full of life, has a gaming fetish just as big as yours, and that has a competitive edge that cannot be topped then you are in the right place.

Gamefire is hiring for various positions such as broadcasting staff, marketing staff, division management and more. Our focus is providing quality gaming shows, event coverage both online as well as LAN and more!

Below is a list of games that Gamefire is hiring for:

Games We Currently Broadcast on Gamefire TV:
Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty 5 (Coming Soon)
Counter-Strike 1.6
Counter-Strike Source
Quake Live
Team Fortress 2 -NEW-

We are also hiring for various other positions that will only help further the advancement in our gaming media coverage across the internet and various events near you. Gamefire asks that before you apply for a marketing/advertising sales position below you must have experience of 1+ years in sales.

Advertising Sales & Marketing -Paid Position-
Event Coordinators
Writing Staff -NEW-
Graphic Artists (both image/video artists)

Go here to apply: http://www.gamefire.com/corporate/join-gamefire.html

09-20-2009, 04:35 PM
3 G s t u d i o s i n c . c o m

is hiring:

1) Community Manager, like FourZeroTwo!
2) Senior C# -C++ Programmer
3) Lead C# -C++ Programmer
4) Senior/Lead Level Designer (3D Studio Max)
5) 2D Digital Texture Artist (3D Studio Max)
6) 3D Game Character Artist (3D Studio Max)
7) 3D Game Environmental Artist (3D Studio Max)
8 ) Senior 3D Game Animator (3D Studio Max)
9) 3D Game Animator (3D Studio Max)
10) 3D Texture Artists (Realistic) (3D Studio Max)

Location: Reno/Tahoe area of Nevada


09-20-2009, 04:47 PM
2K Boston

2K Boston is Expanding
2K Boston is looking to expand considerably in the near future in order to take gaming innovation to the next level!
Our studio currently consists of more than forty talented people and is known for its work on BioShock.

Complete listing here: http://www.2kboston.com/jobs.php
and here: http://www.2kboston.com/jobs_design.php#combatdesigner

1) Principal Combat Designer
2) Multiplayer Level Designer
3) Level Designer
4) Marketing Manager
5) Ceneral Programming
6) General Application
7) Character Artist

Requirements for each applicant group:
Programmers: A relatively short and self-contained code sample or samples in C++ demonstrating good OO design principles and/or an interesting algorithm, and a written description of the code sample.
Artists: Art samples as appropriate including 3D rendered material, concept sketches, 2D work and/or animation. When submitting extensive samples of 2D work, please send high-resolution samples, preferably on a CD submitted through mail.
Designers: Game design documents, writing samples, game analysis as appropriate.
Email submission is preferred except when submitting high-resolution images on CD.
Submissions will not be returned unless requested and a stamped self-addressed envelope provided.

Do you have an internship program?
Unfortunately we are unable to cater for interns at the moment, should this change we will make a big announcement!
What do you look for in graduate applications?
Coders: what will set you apart from other applicants in the quality of your demo. We expect all juniors to send us a resume, academic records and a playable demo and/or source code. This allows us to assess your creativity as well as your technical skills and knowledge.
Artists: Focus on your area of strength when submitting samples or a demo reel. We would rather see one amazing piece then 10 average ones. We look for basic artist abilities but more importantly we want to see new ideas, different concepts and original ideas. Be creative!
How should I apply?
Send your resume, cover letter and samples or demo to our HR Manager via the links on the main careers page. We receive quite a few applications every week so if you don’t receive personalized feedback as to why you weren’t successful, please don’t be discouraged, just keep working on your skills and demo and get back in touch with us when we next advertise.