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Steambans.com is a global banlist/watchlist made for the Steam technology from Valve (VAC = Valve Anti Cheat).

We have guidelines for all admins under our supervision to follow. All bans that are accepted will enter a database which then is used to protect all servers under our supervision.

SBI works with a wide mission statement. Missions range from retrieving the latest information that is publicly or non-publicly available about current or upcoming cheats, to shutting down cheat related websites. SBI reports are not yet publicly made available. They will be published according to the head management's judgment.

Does it cost anything: No, all our services and programs are currently free, and will continue to be so in the future, however you are always free to donate money to the development and maintenance of our services.
People who have donated money will gain access to an extensive array of services, including our VIP-servers where you can play - in a completely cheat-free environment - with the staff and other members who have donated.

SBSRC is the respective counter-part for HL2 to SBSRV on HL1-engines.

Click Here >>> STEAM BANS (http://www.steambans.com/)

Note that this service works in conjunction with Steam Gaming Service (http://store.steampowered.com/)

Difference between SteamBans and SourceBans: http://www.steambans.com/news.php?id=1548

read entire article... Conclusion: If you want the ultimate protection next to VAC to protect your server from known cheaters and help the community with catching them install Steambans now.

If you are looking for a banlist application which allows you to also define who is admin on your own servers use Sourcebans.

Both programs work perfectly together as they are written by the same group of people!

From Wook:
sbsrc ==> 'steambans source' as it's for the source engine.

We are supporting every mods using hl1 engine (Half Life 1) goldensrc and hl2 engine "source"

Also we are supporting DoD:S (Day of Defeat: Source) and TF2 (Team Fortress 2) which are using the orange source engine.

What Games are Supported?

Half-Life 1 & 2
Counter-Strike: Source
Condition Zero
Deathmatch Classic
Day of Defeat
Day of Defeat: Source
Natural Selection
Team Fortress Classic
Team Fortress 2
Vampire Slayer

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Protecting your server
Before you can add your server you need to be 2 things. You need to be a registered community user at SteamBans and you need to be a member of a team. This guide will take you through each step.

Step 1: Signing up
Use the Register form to register, wait for the validation email and login.

Step 2: Getting into a team
To be able to get your server protected you need to be a member of a SteamBans validated team. Check out the Team Requirements to see if your clan/community can be accepted as a proper active SteamBans team. Use the UserCP to add your team application.
NB: Simply joining the SB - Public - team is not sufficient to protect your own servers. You will need to have your own team accepted on SteamBans. The SB - Public - team is only for people wishing to submit demos without having servers to protect.

Step 3: When your team has been accepted you can re-login and use the "manage servers" link you have gotten in the new team menu.

SBSRV Plugin: Walk through the creation of the SBSRV License and install the Plugin on your server. (Half-Life 1 engine)
SBSRC Plugin: Walk through the creation of the SBSRV License and install the Plugin on your server. (Half-Life 2 engine)

If you are in doubt about anything feel free to ask in our forums.

Original post and all links can be found here: http://www.steambans.com/support.php?c=info&page=addserver

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What Servers/Games are streaming SteamBans?

What is SteamBans?

This might help:

Steambans is not automatic and relies very heavely in the quality of submitted demo's.
The evidence that would support any ban would have to be conclusive, and this is only achieved by good submissions.

We have had good submissions, however they do not comply with the strict rules we have at steambans and we can not make any exception for them.

Remember it works both ways..... some of the cheats that Steambans gets arn't VAC banned and even if they are Steambans is not just for the single game engine (great if you run multiple game types like our community does)

Both VAC and Steambans have strict requirements, both very different - so think of it as a plus that they compliment each other in this way.

We require the sb_status to prevent demo manipulation. So it's required to have it in the demo.

We don't check demos without sb_status so we don't make a call on the poss. cheats.

I have an excellent idea on why he is vac banned and not STEAMBANS banned. He was playing on a non-steambans server!

Amazing right? Because SteamBans only covers subscribed servers.

Guide on How to Submit a Demo recording to SteamBans: http://www.steambans.com/support.php?c=info&page=subban

Requirements and Instructions:
A SteamBans Protected Server
This server has to run SBSRV 2.6 or higher (HL1) or SBSRC 1.2 or higher (HL2)

To make a demo on these servers and pass the proof requirements simply type SB_STATUS in console while you record the demo.

Start the demo and type "record [DEMONAME]" in console
Type "sb_status" and hit enter.
Record the needed proof, then type "stop"
Above commands are without the "quotation marks"

Remember to do a NEW sb_status whenever a mapchange has occured! If there is no evidence of cheating before a mapchange, and no sb_status is made AFTER the mapchange the sub will be declined. Also do not forget to do a NEW sb_status whenever the suspected player is reconnecting during recording.
Do also note that snapshots are NOT needed with sb_status and because sb_status is required there is no need to include snapshots.

For a more detailed guide click here.
For a detailed guide on how to record a HLTV demo click here.

source: http://www.steambans.com/support.php?c=info&page=pr

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Question to yield more info posted here: http://www.steambans.com/forums.php?tid=8368&page=1