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05-29-2008, 01:59 PM
SERVER WATCH (http://serverwatch.daniel-rudolph.de/wiki/) GameServer Monitoring and AntiCheat Solution
Click on name to link to Server Watch.

For Administrators: The project consists of multiple programs like:

[list] ServerWatch (server), the Server that is running somewhere and connecting to your GameServer using rcon and logfile access.

ServerWatch Client, a client that connect to the ServerWatch Server to manipulate settings or users. Kick/Ban/Look at AntiCheat Details etc.

ServerWatch AntiCheatClient, a client running at the PLAYERS computer while he is playing a game to provide AntiCheat functions it also connect to the ServerWatch Server.

There are also other programs i did for special users that are not for public use yet - maybe you need something and i already did it - feel free to contact me about stuff like that.

AntiCheat Config signing Tool
AntiCheat ACWebViewer
AntiCheat Viewer
AntiCheat Global BanList PHP Framework
ServerWatch Server LinuxVersion (its public but seldom the very last version)
MD5 Generation Tool
ServerWatch Server without AntiCheat functions


Medal of Honor: AA, SH, BT.
Call Of Duty: UO, 2, 4.
Quake 3.


Support this effort so that it can continue to support us gamers.