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FPS Admins

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Great source of downloads for Administrators who want to upgrade their server.


Medal of Honor, AA, SH, BT, PA, AB
Call Of Duty, 1, UO, 2, 4, Roads to Victory
Crysis (forum)
Half-Life 2 (forum)


Game Downloads and Mods, extensive list
Networking tools
Misc. File Downloads

You can find useful Administrator guides covering Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honor here: http://www.fpsadmin.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=58

Extensive forum covering topics like:

Guides and Reviews
Medal of Honor games
Call Of Duty series
Battlefield 2
Half-Life 2
General Server Administration

If you're an Administrator, we think this is an important site to look at.

09-15-2009, 12:36 AM
An FPS Server guide for developers

Article: http://tinyurl.com/yr6l7j

It's not rocket science and to be honest, most if not all of these features have been around in part from game to game. However we keep seeing new game released missing what we call "the basics".

Game developers, publishers, community managers and producers -
If you have not figured it out yet, these are the same features we keep asking for, year after year. Well now, here's it in writing. Please print this out and or copy and paste it into an email to the powers that be. Please do not use this page instead of asking your respected communities what they want. Use this page as a starting point to give them some truly groundbreaking features above and beyond what is listed here.
Community -
When asked for server sided / admin features you would like to see in (fill in FPS game name here) simply point them to the link below. If enough people keep sending them the same link, they may get the idea and figure out we've been asking for these same things for a very long time.

link to this page
Posted: Oct 16th, 2007

Server features
- Linux support for dedicated servers
- 64bit support (linux)
- Dedicated server files: So we don't have to upload the whole game to the remote servers.
- Server sided patches: so we can patch the server directly, please remember that servers don't have installed files thus there are no registry entries or we are running on a Linux box.
-A/C out of the box
- HTTP redirect: Download maps/mods/skins/... from a remote server at unlimited speeds (of the remote server)
- Server side switches: Turn on/off as many options as possible so we can customize the server to our clients liking.turn
turn on/off hud, weapons, class, run, lean, bunny hopping, FF, TK, prone, ..........
-Run more then one mod at the same time without having to combine your mods into one
- Auto team switch after match
- Auto balance
- Realism, Arcade, clan modes
- specify IP and or port
- command line switches
- Server variables for logging and stats
- Ability to run multiple servers from one install: Seperate cfg /ini files for each server based on same install set.
Admin Features
- Server sided messages: Broadcast messages from cfg file, with rules, announcements, site links ...
- Being able to change color, size, duration and position of server sided messages
- Autokick features: being able to babysit your server via a server sided script that would,
kick/ban for high ping
kick/ban for duration: you set a time limit
kick/ban for team killing
chat filter: filter out bad words admin should be able to edit this file
- Server sided stats via RSS: To be displayed on a 3rd party site
- Document Rcon and VARS
- Different permission levels for RCON access
In game server browser
- Remember your sort preference after exiting the game: So you don't have to setup your sort preference all over again, after you restart the whole game (from desktop).
- Multi-sort: Being able to combine sorts like ping + players + maps and so on
- List as much detail as you can regarding the server:
Players: kills, deaths, ping, .......
Current map name
custom maps/mods/skins currently in use
IP address for bookmarking (would be great if you could resolve these IP address to a domain name)
Current message of the day, rules, site url......
Server/Clan/Site banner type graphic
- List players pings in server: Great to know if that high ping server has a lot of low ping clients connected
- Quick refresh that works in some what real time
- Lots of filters - A/C, maps, ping, full, empty, mods, type of server,.......
- Responsive to changes in filters and sorting
- RSS feed to master server: So we can add server lists and overall server stats to our web sites - RSS feeds to client info would be an added bonus.
- Auto log in: Remember my username and password.
Client Features
- Be able to connect via desktop shortcut
- Be able to connect via 3rd party app, like Xfire
- skip intro's
- Exit to desktop with one button, maybe a confirmation click
- stats for clients: To be displayed on remote 3rd party sites
- Editable clan or web site tags: An additional text field that can be added to the clients login name ie: |FPSadmin|Rudedog = clan/web tlogin | useielogin name
** To leave feedback or participate in the ongoing discussion about this guide, please see this threadClans, members, web sites and even game developers, if you support this list please send me via this link, the name you wish listed on this page as well as your URL. I will start listing sites ASAP.

Site members use this page to leave feedback, non site members who do not wish to register, use the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

This page is a work in progress and is not finished. Please forward comments and suggestions to Rudedog via PM

01-14-2010, 11:35 PM
This website is a great resource for all gamers!