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02-04-2009, 08:12 PM
What to expect in Single Player:

The story of MW2 picks up exactly where COD4:MW left off. It is a world wide conflict taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Afganistan, and a lot more...

Jeep Rail Scene where you fight off other troop trucks and helicopter gun ship who are in pursuit. Rail scenes are where you enter a vehicle but have no control as to where the vehicle goes.

AC-130 ?

Winter Scene at Airport

Rio de Janeiro Scene in Aircraft Cemetery

Rio de Janeiro Scene in getto, street and roof tops

Abandoned Munich Airport

Winter Castle insertion via Helicopter

Agents wrapped in explosives Scene

Good Guys:
Soap McTavish, was in COD4, is now a captain that leads you as part of Task Force 141. TF141 is a multi-national task force made up of Navy Seals, Delta Force, British SAS, CIA,

Prime Target: Mackerov
Mackerov has taken power... he was Zakiev's (COD4) right hand man and now has control. Mackerov was kept in check by Zakiev but now that Zakiev died (in COD4), Mackerov now uses Zakiev's death as a martydom situation against the allies. So Mackerov now wants revenge for Zakiev's death.

Texture Streaming:
Now high-res textures are streamed in to give the game a very detailed appearance, with an added advantage of having much larger levels.

Other Features:
1) Stealth
2) Use of gun mounted radar to show 'heart beats' of enemy.
3) Ability to Breach, meaning you'll be able to enter through a door rather than having Soap MacTavish open all door for you. Or could mean that you can blow a hole through a wall that gives you entry.
4) Slow Motion, you go into 'slow motion' to allow you to assess the situation upon breaching into a new room.