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06-11-2017, 08:24 PM
I may be wrong, so if I am please say something, but I think all the graphics are working on the website again.

FYI: we did a security upgrade which broke anything that started with http. Now all graphics must have https on our end. Users can still post links, etc. with http. The change broke some of our graphics, so we've been fixing them.

We have updated the ACO/GAME tab page, and will eventually change the tab to just say Games, to get more people to click, and to help keep an updated list of games (this took awhile to complete so appreciate that each game has a link to its respective website). If you know what AntiCheat some of the new games use let me know.

We removed the PBBans feed, since it just wasn't working.

We have a new animated banner. This one is a GIF which will show up on mobile devices like a iPad or iPhone, and for anyone who doesn't want to use flash, so now it runs all the time. It also took a lot of time to custom make each image, find the logos for the games noted and assemble everything.... I'm happy with it as it is less time related, like saying Left4Dead2 which dates it, and instead is generic like saying Battlefield and then showing a bunch of images for the different Battlefield titles. The only one that is dated is Valve which hasn't released a new game in awhile. Only two of the slides are game specific, Battlefield and Call of Duty, since those games are huge. The other slides are general genres of games. I wanted to do one with AntiCheat/Bulling, and, modeling/modding but felt I had accomplished enough. AntiCheat changes a lot these days so it didn't seem prudent to put a slide in for it highlighting a group which might not be around tomorrow.

We are going to push the AntiBullying aspect of gaming as I feel it is part of cheating. With AntiBullying there are a lot of groups worldwide that focus on this and will probably appreciate our mission as a way to reach more people. But more people depends on our Twitter Followers, and those who register here. Twitter will be the easiest way to reach gamers so I am focused on increasing that group... now approaching 800. Twitter is fairly easy to get followers with some attention. We may want more than one admin managing it.

We are on https://Twitch.TV/HackHunters so find us and follow us.

We can also reach people via YouTube (where we have 150,000 views on one video), and maybe FaceBook although I still have a problem with exposing people's real names there.

Cheating is a form of bullying... does anyone have any objection to this line of thought?

Has anyone seen anything that is broken, images, registration, etc.? LET US KNOW! thanks.

06-14-2017, 09:32 AM
Astonishing work on graphics and the site as a whole. I'm a big fan.

And yes, the main purpose of cheating/hacking is to make yourself feel like a winner by claiming that other people are losers and you're better than them.
This sort of behavior is caused by a jealousy and hate. Hackers have an urge to be viewed as extraordinary individuals and they have a great hunger for the public approval and recognition.
That's the reason hackers/bullies abuse the talented, skilled and interesting individuals but their attacks are also a perfect approach for suppressing the extraordinary features of their victim's personality. That way hackers/bullies have all the attention they always wished for but couldn't get because of being lazy, self-centered, narrow-minded, and not talented.

Hackers/bullies don't like the people who are more talented and interesting than them and will do all they can to destroy our fun. This is straightforward bullying.

06-15-2017, 03:59 PM
First of all, Edis nice to see ya around. Thanks for the graphics comment too... it is a lot of time/work making it and getting it up and running.

You're comment is spot on. Take the bike racer Lance Armstrong's drug doping scandal. What's missing from that conversation is all those he cheated out of a win or better place showing. He stole the satisfaction from them and then continued to hog the spotlight. I agree with you that they have a hunger to be perceived as being in the spotlight and the winner, over those who have real skill. Ironic in that he does have skill, but cheated his way to the top rather than being humble enough to accept a slightly lower standing.

There's also that lack of empathy for other people, a true willingness to step on others for their own success, and don't we all know people like that in real life, who, like you say, are too lazy to actually learn, practice and hone their skills but instead push others around to gain attention.

From my point of view, it's not behaving like men, and thus the reason they're called 'punks' and the anti-cheat is called PunkBuster! Calling them punks is especially embarrassing for those over 20 who cheat.

We just ran a few tweets yesterday on cheaters who were caught live-streaming by VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat), some caught during live competitions, haha.