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05-31-2017, 04:55 PM
This won't be complete as there are a lot of add on apps one can get to help, too many to mention.

But, lets talk about getting your efforts coordinated so you can promote yourself and get followers.

Don't Fake It:
This isn't about buying a fake twitter account and cheating your way into acting like you're so popular (fake and a scam).

Time Released:
It's important to remember to release content at the best times, when it will be seen by people who then might like or even share something you post.

The best times are between 7 PM and 11 PM according to 'impressions from twitter analytics.' If you have a tweeter account and view your analytics posting all day, you'll notice an up-tic in impressions during this period.

Linked Content:
Lets start with the basics:

Get a:

Twitter Account, (use UnfollowerStats and an app that allows for instant thank you's with your links, and be nice by admitting it is auto-generated message).
YouTube Account,
Facebook Page,
Instagram Account (use the app IFTTT, If This Then That, to link to many platforms).

and link them so when you post, it also posts somewhere else (saving you the time from copying/pasting the content and perhaps forgetting)....

Blog Control
But if you really want control, you need to pre-schedule the release of content. This is best done with a blog, like WordPress. WordPress allows you to write content including posting videos, images, even sketchfab.com models and have that content release at a specific minute, then have it share across most platforms.

For YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch you'll have to copy the code to your blog for this to occur, so video is 'out' regarding easy sharing across the most platforms.

Linked control of your content is the only way to move through the process of sharing information, because you want to spend the most time on making great content. Having a great personality, or sharing something really great, will generate followers, usually. Not everyone can do this, so follow these suggestions to get more followers:

Follow Twitter, YouTube, Twitch profiles, etc.
But follow the right followers at the right time, here's how:

Go to hardware, software or other sites on twitter, like on Twitter you might go to the Call of Duty game profile (@CallofDuty ‏), that has hundreds of thousands or millions of users. Go to their followers and start following. You are now following people who are probably online and might just quickly follow you back.

Warning, once you start following a lot of followers Twitter will make you reset your password. Easy if you have your phone as a security backup, as they will text you a code.

You can only follow 1000 people on twitter per day. Do it in the evening when more people are on.

Don't break any of twitter's rules and get your account closed.

During prime-time, retweet some of your best tweets. If you don't have any, go to giphy.com and find some animated gifs, add a caption and share it to your twitter. Be sure to know if the gif is linked to something and check that out to make sure it is okay. When you're done retweeting, you can 'un-retweet' but be sure to not click on 'delete' of the retweet as that will eliminate the original tweet, which you may want to use again.

Of course, all this could be set up in a blog weeks in advance, and scheduled to release during the time period that's prime.

You should tweet 4 or 5 items in a 3 minute period, so people will see your content and icon (have a good icon for your twitter account, one that pops). This will give someone reading the twitter feed the idea that you have good tweets worthy of a follow. If you can pull of 3 mini-floods in an evening it will help, but don't expect too many followers just yet. Often for this to actually have an impact you need enough followers who might comment, like or share. Any given night if you have 5000 followers there might be 10 or 20 of these actually online on twitter, and maybe 1 or 2 might notice your tweet.

If you start getting 10 or more likes for a tweet, and a few shares you're doing great.

Tell people about deals in the gaming world, if you can. I believe there's a way to make money doing this (someone else please enlighten us on how to make money with your channel, stream, sharing deals, etc.). Those interested will start to follow you. Often the deals say 'follow and share to qualify.'

Your Twitter Account Profile.
Be sure to add your main link to your main profile, on YouTube, Twitch, HackHunters, whatever :D
Add hashtags to the main words like '#COD #gamer' so if someone does a search for those terms they might find you.
Learn how to @HackHunters especially for games, as you just might get a retweet from the game developer, especially if it's a smaller game title.

It's a long, tedious, ridiculous process:
The vast majority of twitter users have maybe 20 followers. Despite that you will run across the 16 year old who has close to 200,000 followers. That account is probably fake and there's someone somewhere following people to raise the followers to a point where they can sell the account to a fake person. Do us a favor, block them to help slow down the spread. I've even seen 'official twitter accounts' go from following 2 million people down to following no one so they could sell the account.

This is why 'unfollowerstats' web browser program is so good. It will show you who the fake accounts are, those who never follow anyone. It will also show you who unfollowed your account, clueing you into something fishing going on.

My next post will talk about how this linking should actually work.

05-31-2017, 04:58 PM
Why has this become important?

Well people are making real money on Twitch, YouTube and other streaming channels.

It's crazy what I've seen, people actually making donations of $20 to watch some guy play a game. What the heck?

Anyway people are seeking massive numbers of followers with the promise of money, and the fantasy of being a professional gamer.
(There will be a lot of heart attacks and strokes in the future)

05-31-2017, 05:11 PM
How it all should work:

This might be a fantasy of mine, as even with current linking it still takes too much time.

There should be a control center (content creator program), where one can upload pictures, videos, text, hashtags/tags, game reference like @callofduty and everything one needs to make a complete 'thing'. This control center is also linked to any streaming service one might have, so the stream goes through the control center.

From the control center where all is put together and scheduled, it is disseminated to appropriate locations like instagram, tumblr, facebook, twitter, youtube/vimeo and all the other 'reading content sites'. And stressing, 'it is also posted into a particular board of a forum including, if desired, on the darn home page!'

In fact, considering someone with a domain wants visitors to their website, all other shared content would include a reference to the darn main website.

No one but the user would visit the content creator program, so it stays private. Actually the only real business out there that might be able to pull this off is Google.

I forgot to mention the best days to release content. My guess is Friday evenings, but I really don't know. Anyone have an idea?

06-02-2017, 03:43 PM
HackHunters has broken 500 followers, yay. :p

It's a long haul to 500, so don't waste your time trying to get followers if you have no content. Grab your screen shots, gif, videos or whatever graphics and post hundreds of them. This way someone might have an actual reason to follow you: to see stuff.

It will be a long haul to 2000, and that's when you can say you have a little base of followers. But that base will help you get to 3000 and on up to 5000, but lets be real, to get to 5000 you better be tweeting every day and it will have to be funny, interesting, goofy, informative or something, because if your name isn't NASA people will easily pass you by.

A couple/few more tips:

Follow someone who's extremely popular. You might pick up followers checking out who's following this famous person/thing. This will only work for a few hours because if they're really popular thousands are following them every day, and your name will get buried in the list, so don't worry about unfollowing them and refollowing them again.

Again, lets face it, to get to 500 followers takes a lot of hand holding, effort and disappointment. The truth for most people is this: get your friends to follow each other, link your twitter to instagram, youtube or whatever else you have so that you'll get automatic tweets, then invite all your family to follow, and with that enjoy having those around you that care and love you the most.

You might consider a follow verification app. and consider keeping your profile private. There is an extremely high probability that you will get followers that are fake in order to sell the twitter profile to make money, show nudity in order to get clicks on links to make money, or have some weird guy who wants to become your newest bestest friend forever... maybe making a personal twitter private is the actual way to go, unless you hit it big and can afford to have a team to manage it all (like the wealthy and famous do).

06-06-2017, 06:32 PM
When we broke 600 followers, that's when we started to get people following us on their own.

This is with a new banner which I believe helped, and not only did we follow those who followed us back, but we followed any @ they mentioned....

Anyway today we probably picked up 25 unsolicited follows, which is really awesome. Hope it keeps up.

08-11-2017, 10:06 AM

We've broken 1000 followers over the last month, and it's wavering as we gain new followers and have others unfollow.

The unfollowers are making this process quite frustrating, as you think you're making progress only to have someone unfollow you to make their own numbers look 'better.' The goal of about 15% of Twitter accounts is simply to look like they are more popular by having more followers than they are following, like saying 'hey we're so popular you should follow us too.' Yet I've seen some of these accounts with very few tweets, or nothing but retweets from other accounts. It's fake, fake, fake...

So since this push I believe we've had around 300 unfollowers, which undermines the effort and really makes it hard to justify trying. Those who get a lot of followers are really spending time everyday trying, like we are, to get people interested enough to follow, and typically those who do that are more likely to unfollow at some point. Fortunately I have a 'unfollow your unfollowers' programs which helps me keep track.

The good news is we are connecting with real gamers, and this is fantastic. That is truly my goal so they get to know our attitude and become aware of HackHunters.

The other good news is we are connecting with a lot of Anti-Bullying organizations which I hope will help us in our mission, if not through knowledge on how to better handle bullies online then maybe through cooperation in some form.

We are also using Twitter as a great source of LISTS, lists of Games, Game Developers, Anti-cheat organizations, etc. making it a quick place to find something.

08-18-2017, 11:12 PM
This is great to hear. I know from experience that Twitter following and unfollowing is annoying as hell but it's good that you are being persistent and keeping track of the numbers and who is unfollowing us so we can do the same. Even better is hearing that real gamers are actually taking an interest in the organization/site and also the anti-bullying organizations too.

Just keep doing what you are doing Green! I do have to say (again I think) that I miss the old days where you didn't have to search for people to have an interest in this stuff...they (we) just showed up and hung out and typed and gamed all together.
Life sure has gotten busier as I've gotten older too so I can understand now why some of the guys that were older then me before and had families and jobs and all were only around a couple days a week as opposed to me being able to be on and around every single day for at least an hour but usually many more.

08-19-2017, 09:22 PM
Same here Frag regarding schedule, but if there's any hope it'll have to come through twitter first, and then maybe Facebook and of course what we do on this website.

A thousand followers might result in just a few checking out the website, not really enough to move things. If we can hit 20,000 then there will be activity like the old days and that will help a lot. It is a bit frustrating that for every 100 followers we loose 25, but of course those are self-interested accounts which I try my best to avoid in the first place.

I try to see what kind of account it is, if they follow everyone or basically ignore all their followers. Anyway I will keep going until we get our numbers up on twitter, since xFire, GameTracker, Steam and other outreach sites are completely useless now.

10-21-2020, 04:14 AM
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