View Full Version : READ FIRST faq's for New Game Trailers/Announcements Board

05-28-2017, 04:18 PM
Thanks for checking out this new board.

Know of a new game?
Please post any new game titles you know about in a new thread, even if it's a short note so we can check the game out.


Why a new board?
We decided to toss all new game titles and trailers in this board, each with its own thread so people can add comments, more trailers, reviews and the like. Like the game, or hate it, let us know.

Will a game get its own Forum Board?
If a game gains traction, we will create a board just for that game, so let us know if you're playing it and want to share.

If you know what a game is using, POST IT!!!

It takes time to research every new title that comes out, so help us help the community.

Do we need your help?
Hell yeah, you know we do with so many titles. Please start a thread and add videos, pictures, information and your opinions...

There are lots of new game titles in the 2016 and 2017 cycle, so many that it will be challenging to keep up with them all. No doubt many will be short lived, people trying them out and then going back to one of their favorites. Still, there looks to be some exciting content perhaps worthy of trying. We won't know unless you tell us, so feel free to post away.