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05-06-2017, 07:31 PM
Yes that's right. The South Korean Parliament has passes an amendment to a law on promoting the game industry by passing a bill to punish Hack Makers with criminal consequences.

According to PVPLive (https://pvplive.net/c/south-korea-passes-bill-to-directly-punish-hack-ma), the amendment (http://imgur.com/a/jzQQm) makes the manufacturing and distribution of programs that are not part of a game or its Terms of Service completely ILLEGAL!!

So what's the punishment? A whopping 5 years in jail or $43,000 fine. Now that should take the wind out of cheat makers laughter.

This new law gives game makers a direct avenue to protect their games from the destruction cheater cause by shutting down cheat making companies and individuals, with very real world consequence.

Finally honest gamers will be able to game, and good games will last longer as it is well know that honest gamers will abandoned a game that feels like there are cheaters running around, especially the aimbot and wall hackers.

05-06-2017, 10:50 PM
About time someone did something its a shame other countries don't do the same

05-07-2017, 12:25 PM
Lets hope this encourages them to do so.

Given the intense political climate in the US there's practically no way this will ever be introduced as a bill, unless big game business steps up to the plate and insists on it.

05-07-2017, 03:31 PM
Big game companies don't care all they want is profits at the end of a financial year they are not interested who hacks the game as long as its not there servers

05-09-2017, 12:02 PM
I agree taking real action is problematic and costly.

While I'd like to agree that it's all about the money, the fact that torrent sites allow people to download games for free thus taking a big bite out of profits with little or no action from developers shows that there is another factor in their thinking. Then again, maybe they've tried to shut down these things with what they consider reasonable efforts, like keys, and just don't have the means or proof to go after privacy.

Still, with regards to privacy, they need to also go after the end user, to sue them, even if it's a few and at a loss, to make an example, unless they can only sue for the price of the game (which would be laughable).

I don't think it's about not caring at all, but agree that profits are a big factor, because reasonable efforts are being made with anti-cheat software. Still, laws on anti-bullying could be applied to gaming/cheaters with little lobbying effort. With a real-world law, it would be an incentive for people not to cheat and could take the wind out of those who think it's okay to do.

In the end, developers do take reasonable efforts to prevent cheating and piracy. The real problem is on the backend once someone is discovered, that the worst that can happen is a ban, which might mean the cheater has to download another copy, upgrade the hack and carry on. There needs to be real life consequences, like the very real effects us gamers feel when we are cheated on and realize our purchased game is worthless.

05-11-2017, 01:05 AM
South Korea, Japan, China, etc. These countries take gaming seriously, because they are way ahead of the rest of us. Gaming stadiums and other inventions are coming from them all the time, like gamer hospitals :cheesy:. Its unlikely we will get to their level any time soon.

Shutting down torrents, hacking sites, etc. is too costly timewise and moneywise. And surely nobody has interest in chasing end users more than hacks developers.
You see the gaming industry today is targeting audiences as groups of people and not an actual end user as it used to be in the past. The industry has overgrown itself. On the other hand, the hacks industry went from audience focused to end user focused. Its ironic how tables have turned.
Even more fascinating is the fact that hacking and piracy doesnt really affect profits from the developers point of view. Majority of the cracked games can be only played offline and/or on LAN mode which limits the best features. So many people buy the original game at some point. Besides, people also share the original copies of games with their friends which generates $0 additional income to companies. So just think of cracked games as "sharing" because that is what it actualy is - sharing through some network either virtual or not.

As for hacking effects, as I mentioned in the past - once developers sell you a copy of their game they forget about you. Money is made so who cares.
Just like with smartphones, cars, etc. - they dont want you to enjoy the same product for years, they want you to buy a new one each year. Now just think about it for a second... have you got it yet? Hackers help the game developers to sell more products by making players to switch to a new game all the time. That is why developers abandoned anti-cheat and gaming communities that consist of map makers, moders, experienced old players and game fans in general. They dont care what we have to say - I mean their actions certainly indicate just that.

Something really crucial must happen for this absurd to end. I have a feeling that we are close to a breaking point here. They are making money now but it will backfire, you'll see.

05-12-2017, 03:20 PM
I think the developers are feeling the backfire effects from gamers, but the effects aren't that strong unfortunately.

COD put into effect the release of a game a year using multiple developers, in order to rake in money.

Adobe put into effect subscription service rather than letting people purchase their software, meaning if you can't afford it you can't use it, not even a copy you own which is impossible now.

Other companies have jumped on the 'new version every year' train too, even though the releases while promising greatness offer up a hacked list of new features, many with bugs that don't get resolved until the next 'version.' Ironic when they say "oh you have that problem, that was fixed in the new version."

It is all greed, especially catering to stock holders, who really don't care about what gamers think, they just want to see their stocks go up.

What works against developers taking the voice of Gamers seriously though?

Gamers do have the tendency to want to play the 'new' game for new experiences, so there's that aspect.
Many don't care about the cost of the game, no matter how expensive.
By the time cheaters have a real impact on the game many gamers have moved on.
By releasing a new game they can discontinue support for the older version and thus encourage people to move on (and buy the new game).
Clans and their communities aren't as strong as they once were. Steam has sucked up huge crowds of people who would rather just use their forums rather than having stronger relationships as is possible within a clan. This has the effect of a weaker community voice.

This is partly why I've abandoned COD series of games. I might make an exception with the WWII title, but I suspect it will have all the stupid aspects in it that I always hated about COD, and will probably just review it on YouTube.

Battlefield I had more hope for, certainly I liked their games better up until post BF4, but again their production of game titles seems to have increased and the effects are the desperate search for a theme for the game. I hope they don't 'punch out games' like COD does, but maybe they're already there.

08-27-2017, 09:00 PM
Also, the hackers all of us are talking about I think mainly are on the PC. Console hackers I guess they go after more with game patches and fixes but aren't the majority of gamers on console these days as well? I haven't seen the stats lately on PC vs. console gamers but since they make a lot of games on console and port them to PC that would seem to be the case.

I agree with pretty much all you mentioned there GreenBean. The new CoD WWII looks like it is still going to be similar to some of the past games although not completely. They are still going to have the stupid streak "prizes" as I saw in the recent E3 game preview so it won't just be based on skill as the games of old. (Battalion 1944 coming up looks like a refreshing break from CoD and BF games in terms of just skill btw if anyone is interested)

As I have said many times lately..I miss the gaming of a decade ago or even 15 years ago before all these perks and streaks when it seemed like there were countless people that played on PC and actually cared about anti-cheat and wanted to play a new game for longer then 1 year before abandoning it and moving onto something new. Same goes with what you mentioned about the way clans interact now if at all in games and outside. They just want to chat on steam or in a Facebook group and forget setting up a clan website. Only the guys that have been playing as long as some of us have still have websites up and running for their groups and usually with minimal posts by the same 4 or 5 people. :(

09-18-2019, 07:57 PM
I really don't see the point of hacks... I like to enjoy the game

09-18-2019, 09:48 PM
Indeed !!!