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04-21-2017, 01:47 PM
Day of Infamy

From the creators of Insurgency.

PC: Win 7, recommended Win 10
Mac: OSx 10.7 or higher

Release Mar 20, 2017



04-22-2017, 12:48 PM
Ok so I got this game and it's pretty solid.

You can't jump and fire a weapon, no bunny hopping!!!

The player animations aren't great, and there's a bit of lag especially when an enemy shows up around the corner.

The maps are detailed and pretty engaging, with multiple levels making exploring and finding a good spot enjoyable.

King's Push type of game play, which is one of my favorite, that is taking objectives and moving forward to a new section of the map, another quality that keeps the game play fun. One team attacks, one defends.

I also like that it is available on both Mac and PC, giving me the flexibility I like (I prefer gaming on the Mac for its stability).

The game is much like Red Orchestra, Rising Storm in that it has a commander and team work, but I think Rising Storm is just plain better mechanically. The commander can call in air strikes, but he needs a radio operator to follow him around in order to use it, meaning as a radio player you're basically stuck following some other player around. So I tried the radio operator position and had the commander yell at me to get to his position, me being in the same room, so there's that kind of stupidity one has to deal with, his assumption that as a noob I would be on my own, haha. He didn't do it again.

I sort of like the WWII weapon choices, except on the german side where as you know a rifleman is a one shot good luck weapon, not good in close quarters environments.

There are times when you die and have no idea what killed you or from what direction.

There are flying body parts.

Nice flame thrower effects.

Mod support (I haven't checked this aspect out) which means there's potential for improvements and new maps.

Respawn can take a bit of time, sometimes there's a 'regroup' command where someone who's alive must run back towards the spawn to trigger the spawn of dead players. It's a bit weird but whatever.

Still don't know how to melee, but know that a nade, knife and guns are all treated the same, that is you select the item (numbers 1, 2, etc.) and then you 'fire' (left mouse button). It's a unique way to throw a nade which I always had bound to the 'F' key, F for Frag (I kind of like this system). I still don't know how to attach my knife to my weapon to make a bayonet (maybe take out knife and press use?) and then charge with it on. There's not an ammo indicator, so you have to count bullets, meaning if you automatically reload you can throw away the bullets left in a magazine and eventually run out of bullets. Finding resupply crates is impossible as it doesn't seem to appear on the map. You can pick up other weapons on the field but it doesn't always work so you can get yourself shot hovering over a nade or gun looking like an idiot. I'm sure I'll figure it all out sooner or later.

I fear there are cheaters, but I suspect the vast majority of players are dedicated hard core.

There aren't the usual compass or who killed you graphics on the screen (unless the server or you enables them) in order to keep the screen clutter minimal and more immersive.

While the game was developed by the Insurgency ppl, I think this one is better, with more chances to make a difference in the outcome of a round. For some reason in Insurgency I couldn't play more than one map.

There's single player (which they call practice) consisting of multiplayer maps you play with bots... it's decent and the bots actually behave pretty well.

There's co-op mode, and multiplayer mode. In multiplayer you can opt to play on servers dedicated to noobs and bots which is great because you can get used to the maps, weapons, etc. and if you die, you can spec a bot and then take over their body (press T) thus allowing to to spawn immediately again.

What is ironic: many main game titles left WWII and that opened the opportunity for others to step in. The current rebirth of WWII shooters shows that there is a vacuum that people are more than happy to step into despite the daunting task of doing so.

04-26-2017, 07:18 PM
This mod for Day of Infamy looks pretty good especially for a mod.