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03-18-2017, 06:04 PM
A followup on this topic 'Games you Miss the Most': http://www.hackhunters.com/showthread.php?4905-Games-you-miss-the-most-and-why

I wanted to post some more about this game, as to why it was so much fun to play, if only to understand all the features so that future games can get closer to being an ultimate experience of

Use this video as a jumping off point. DISCUSS :D

PS: I had changed the boards to group BF games, but I think I'm going to break them back out so that each major title has it's own board. I know BFBC 2, BF3 and BF4 deserve their own boards as do a few of the COD games. Okay, now DISCUSS... :D


03-18-2017, 06:06 PM
From the link noted above for easy reference:

1) SQUADS: Squad game play, and droppable kits like medic, ammo, etc.

2) DESTRUCTION: Destructible buildings. Snipe a tree or shoot a fence to eliminate cover for the enemy.

3) VEHICLES: Helicopters, tanks, etc.

4) MAPS THE RIGHT SIZE: Maps large enough to move around with plenty of avenues to out flank the enemy. From snow to desert, the maps were all very different and all worked well. It was hard to find a map or level that didn't work.

5) SOUND: Great sound effects. Voices, explosions, overall sound including sounds from a distance. Screaming if getting killed, or yelling 'god damn' if shot and wounded. The sounds are impressive.

6) ATMOSPHERE: Great atmosphere and chaotic battlefield environment always pushing to the next objective.

7) EXTRAS: Cool tools like the radar ball you can throw, without going overboard with add-ons. Dropping smoke, shooting a dart at helicopter, tank or other soldier.

8) GAME TYPE: King's Push, which allowed for a variety of maps within one game. This means a round isn't over in 10 minutes and the gamer spending as much time in a lobby as in the game.

9) HUMAN MOVEMENT: Good character movement and rag doll effects. Running and movement is natural as is watching other players move. There's no prone in this game, but not too much of a factor and certainly kept things moving.

10) BACKDROP ATMOSPHERE: Decent backdrop environments, mountains, clouds, smoke from fires, etc.

11) MULTI-EXPLOSION: When a tank, helicopter or other large item explodes, it doesn't just blow up but it's like it has 3 consecutive explosions that add to the massive destructive effect.... awesome.

12) PARACHUTE: yeah you get a parachute that can help jumping from a helicopter, or tall building.

03-19-2017, 02:51 PM
Great game. And the dlc is even greater. Optimal balance for rush mode.
For me it reminds of MoH 2010, which was also great in my opinion.