View Full Version : Battlefield 1 gameplay (too good)

01-09-2017, 12:12 AM
The quality of the environment is stunning, along with the fun of a typical BF title, but...

There's a couple of reasons I haven't picked up BF1 yet:

The graphic elements, like showing who you killed right in the middle of the screen with a bunch of stupid points (who cares), and other icons are too bright and in your face imo.

There's also a very long list of weapons on the lower right. Since when do gamers need reminding what their kit is?

The radar screen (never liked radar as it just makes players look at the radar to find targets rather than use the environment in any strategic way) has pretty basic icons that look like paper cutouts.

There's a list of your squad mates next to radar, really? This is necessary?

How about a compass that just shows where your squad mates are and maybe the objectives, and that's it!

It's really turning BF titles into a child's type game, like COD titles imo.

Being able to 'see' targets you don't actually see with your eyes because a big icon appears over their head, so you shoot through bushes, smoke, dust or whatever and get a kill... is plain stupid. That's right, it's S.T.U.P.I.D. Being able to get kills without even seeing the enemy.

Ironic since this is 'low tech' WWI setting.

Essentially all the graphic candy is ruining the emersion experience.

The other reason are guys like this. A kill/death of 67/11 means he's dominating the game with what appears to be really long shots. It's hard to understand how he can place the cross hairs on a target so quickly for a dot so far away.


Screen Shot of this guys seriously awesome score.